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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This is why school uniforms are a horrible idea

Over 300 students - more than a third of the entire student body - at Eastern Guilford Middle School were detained part of the day on the first day of school yesterday because of dress code violations.

These included wearing even the wrong kinds of belts.

How much real education went on yesterday because the teachers and faculty were spending so much time looking for dress code violations?

This is one of the reasons why P.O.T.S.M.O.D. fought and beat the school uniforms when the Rockingham County Board of Education tried to impose them on Reidsville Middle and Reidsville High schools for this new school year. Because we understood that considering all that goes on in a school day, that teachers shouldn't be given unnecessary tasks that take priority over everything else already on their plate. Be mindful that this isn't the normal, sensible dress code in the traditional sense, but overly burdensome "standard mode of dress" that is for all intents and purposes a school uniform.

Having this kind of draconian dress code policy is unfair to the teachers and it's ultimately unfair to the students.


Anonymous said...

I went to a private Catholic School for highschool, and asked my principal once why we had uniforms and his response was surprisingly egalitarian, suggesting that uniforms made everyone equal. Of course, this was complete bunk, as you could still easily differentiate yourself with any manner of ostentatious accessories (including Breitling watches and diamond earrings) as well as the fact that the kids who rode the bus had to walk OFF school grounds to get on them, whereas kids who had Benzes had a covered PARKING GARAGE. Oh the irony.

archival_quality said...

I wish I had to wear a uniform when I was in school. It would've been nice waking up every day and not worrying about what clothes I was going to wear.