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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Harry Potter stuff: New blog examines books from Christian perspective, plus AWESOME Potter artwork!

Our dear friend Jenna Olwin out in Washington state has just started a new blog called A Church in Godric's Hollow. It promises to be quite an enlightening read because Jenna is delving into the Christian aspects of the Harry Potter books.

And it was because of Jenna's new blog that I discovered artdungeon.net. This is quite simply the most beautiful art based on the Harry Potter books that I've seen. It's absolutely breathtaking how Marta, the young artist behind the site, has captured the soul and essence of so many scenes and characters from the J.K. Rowling's books. Want an example? Okay, this one is my favorite so far, but do not peek unless you have read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


Jenna St.Hilaire said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out! ... I'm having waaaaay too much fun with Harry Potter stuff right now :-D

Totally missed that piece from Art Dungeon! I spent quite awhile on there the other night, so I'm not sure how. It's so beautiful though!

Anonymous said...

As a long-time fan of HP art, if you like Harry Potter and think you'd enjoy art that takes a little comic liberty with some of the characters, I encourage you to take a look at Makani's work at acciobrain.ligermagic.com. Her art is hilarious and very well done in a classic Disney style.