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Monday, September 24, 2007

TRANSFORMERS 2 has a release date!

Superhero Hype! is reporting that Paramount has set a release date for Transformers 2: June 29, 2009.

Which is rather fast for a follow-up to a successful blockbuster movie. No doubt the threat of a writers strike this coming spring had something to do with it. I hope they're not rushing things. But then I think of Spider-Man 2 and how that is widely held to have been better than the original, and how it came out 2 years following Spider-Man. Besides, word is that the producers of Transformers have already sketched-out where this story is going for at least two more movies. And Transformers started filming a year before it was released and it turned out okay: with the foundation already set for much of the pre-production work, they'll probably be able to get to work on this fairly quickly.

By the way, the CD of Steve Jablonksy's score from Transformers comes out two weeks from tomorrow. And a week after that is when Transformers comes out on DVD. Take a wild guess which one I'm looking forward to having more :-)