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Monday, September 24, 2007

What's brewing at KWerky Productions?

It's been awhile since anything's been reported here regarding KWerky Productions, the filmmaking outfit started by "Weird" Ed and me. Unfortunately events during most of the past year really took away from a lot of productive time and energy. Now that all of that is over with, it's time to turn our attention to more creative efforts.

It's funny: for over a year now I've been involved in fighting one battle after another. The thing with Viacom/YouTube was just the most recent of those. With all of them having been fought (and amazingly enough won for the most part) I'm finally looking forward to struggling for things I want to do, not necessarily because I have to do them...

Keys, our feature-length project, is still on. Obviously we weren't able to film it in the timeframe that I was hoping for. Oddly enough that may have helped things when it came time to shoot it. And it's given me time to do more research, tighten-down some elements, etc.

By the way, it turns out that there's another movie called Keys. Interestingly enough, like ours this one seems to involve a lot of music too. Here's the website for that Keys and after visiting it and seeing the trailer, I am really interested in seeing it because it looks very good.

In light of knowing that there's another movie sharing the same title as ours, I'd considered changing the title of the one we're doing. But I think it's going to be okay. The word "Keys" is something that's quite important to the story and there's really nothing else appropriate that would work. Besides, lots of different movies share the same title (no not remakes!) and that's okay. In the end there will be one Keys made by Christopher Babers and another Keys made by Christopher Knight and his will be excellent and mine will be... strange :-)

Seriously though, we wish Babers well and we look forward to seeing his Keys!

Apart from that, there are no less than two projects we're working on. One of them is already shot and all that needs to be done is to put it together. And there's an interesting idea that I'm playing around with for a short film, that in some ways would be like Schrodinger's Bedroom, although it would be much more serious and I would have plenty of time to work on it (compared to Schrodinger's Bedroom which was rushed from conception to completion in less than a month).

And then there is another project. Chad Austin is the one who came up with the idea for it and when he told me about it on Friday night (after we saw Transformers in IMAX) my brain started reeling with possibilities. This is something that we're going to be working on over the next few months and it's not only going to involve filmmaking, but some other stuff too that I think will turn out to be good for personal growth. This one is going to be absolutely hilarious!

So that's what's happening right now on the KWerky Productions front. And that's probably the last time for awhile that I'll be able to say anything about what we're doing. Because I'm seriously thinking of blogging for another few weeks and then take some time off from The Knight Shift, so that I can focus on those efforts... and other things also. But now ya know what's sorta in the pot :-)