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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

30-second clips from TRANSFORMERS: THE SCORE now online

30-second snippets from each track on Transformers: The Score are now on the CD's product page at Wal-Mart's website.

Just going by these clips, this album sounds amazing. Easily many orders of magnitude better than anything from the score that has wound up online (with "official releases" like Burger King's posting of the Decepticons theme on its website in mind). And there are now only six days left before it comes out!

I was thinking the other day: wouldn't it be incredibly cool if sometime or another, that there could be a live concert performance of the Transformers score? A few years ago Lisa and one of her college friends and I went to Atlanta to hear Howard Shore himself conduct a concert of his music from The Lord of the Rings. It was a positively epic experience: I will never forget listening to the Rohan theme, with its majestic use of the violin. Now imagine hearing the music from the Autobots' arrival on Earth being played by a live orchestra. I know: that probably won't ever happen... but it's sure fun to imagine :-)


James Garth said...

hey there,

I just gotta say; big thumbs up for championing the cause to get this magnificent score released. The clips are sending shivers up my spine already - the Autobots' arrival theme is truly the track of the year. Thanks for all the effort in putting the petition together.

Also, great blog in general, I suspect our thoughts on Christianity and politics are as in tune as our tastes in film scores. :)

Suz said...

Thanks for all your vigilance regarding the score. I can't wait to own it myself. As soon as it's in my grubby little hands I plan to turn the speakers to 11 and blast it to the rest of my townhouse development.

Seriously, this is good stuff. I wish we knew the length of each track though. That would be nice.