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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Bad cops, fear, and the Second Amendment

A deputy sheriff in Minnesota shot and killed a family's dog, in front of a 2-year old toddler in the family's yard. It's a pretty sick story.

Who here is willing to bet that after an "internal investigation" that it's going to be announced that the deputy over-reacted and will be fired?

More likely the sheriff's department will come out and say that the deputy did nothing wrong, and will soon be back at work as if nothing happened.

That's what always happens in these situations. And they've been happening all too often in the past few years.

Let me be clear on something: for the most part, I honestly believe, there are good people in law enforcement. I've known plenty of them over the years. Some are good friends, if not outright members of my family. I can't say that there's been any reason for me to think anything but very highly of them.

Unfortunately, there are some people out there who are employed in law enforcement agencies, who do not deserve to be wearing a badge. And there are starting to be plenty enough of those that they are ruining things for the rest of us, including their fellow officers.

These thugs - the ones who do this kind of thing - always get away with it. They never go punished. Or if they ever have, I've certainly never heard about it.

I won't deny that there are some lesser angels of my nature. This is going to be one of those times when I give them a voice...

The Second Amendment has but one purpose: to give good people without badges the authority to shoot and kill bad people with badges, if need be.

Peace in the community ultimately can't be something that we can rely on duly-sworn officers of the law to create and uphold. It's something that every citizen is called upon to build.

What is the purpose of police and sheriff's deputies, then? To be a bulwark against the citizenry being consumed by its appetite for power, which ultimately leads to chaos and anarchy. But without the citizens likewise providing a bulwark against the government's own appetite for power, there becomes something worse.

If people employed by government are abusing the power of government, then it becomes a moral obligation for those being governed to remove these agents of government by any means necessary. Up to and including with lethal force, if all else fails (and it will always be my prayer that it never comes to that).

Would this thug of a deputy have been so quick to have killed an innocent dog in front of a baby, if he had felt that someone would have shot back at him in retaliation? Probably not. But what would be so wrong with a sheriff's deputy or any other law enforcement officer being susceptible to the same kind of fear that it seems too many of them try to instill in us?

Maybe America needs the bullet-riddled bodies of a few bad cops laying around, as a warning to the others that they can't abuse the power that's been entrusted to them.

Is that an evil thing to say? No. Just something that comes after long observation of human nature. And the biggest thing that I've learned about human nature is that it ultimately cannot be trusted with power, without some kind of checks and accountability. These bad cops get away with what they do because they aren't held accountable. And unfortunately, I don't know of what else is going to shake them back to their senses without their knowing that some of their own kind are pushing daisies because of their own arrogance.

"They" need to be in more fear of us than we are in fear of them. That's the way it must be. Otherwise, we really will be living in a police state.