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Friday, October 05, 2007

Dinner at Back Yard Burgers ... with magic by Marlo!

For the past few months WGSR has been running these 30-minute promos for the Back Yard Burgers in Danville (just across the border in Virginia for those who aren't local). I'd never eaten at a Back Yard Burgers before, so last night Lisa and I drove up U.S. 29 to check it out.

I think that many more trips to Danville are going to be in my future, because I got the Double Meat Back Yard Burger with lettuce, tomatoes and Swiss cheese and it was deeeee-licious! Tasted just like a hamburger you might grill on your patio. I also got a chocolate milkshake was also quite tasty.

We also got treated to a show by Marlo the Magician, who comes by every Thursday night at 6 to entertain the patrons, 'specially the kids. Marlo came by our table and whipped out his wallet to give us a card. But as soon as he opened the wallet it caught fire! I mean serious flames coming out of that thing, 'cuz Marlo said that his was "the hottest show in town". I'm still in a bit of shock after that one :-) We watched Marlo do his thing for a bit and thought he was pretty good. We'll probably come again some Thursday just to watch him again.

Anyhoo, if there's a Back Yard Burgers somewhere near you (click here to check out their locations) I'll recommend it as a pretty darned good place to eat.


Rick (kingthorin) said...

"Tasted just like a hamburger you might grill on your patio."

Then wouldn't it be easier/cheaper/more convenient to walk out your backdoor and fire-up the grill?

Chris Knight said...

Maybe... but then I would have missed the magic show :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a fast food eater, but my cousin is part owner of at least one Back Yard Burger (I think the one in High Point), so I've tried it a few times.

Their burgers really are good. When you eat one, you don't feel guilty for eating fast food. You actually feel like you're eating cookout food from home.

The meat is quality for one thing. But, almost as good as that is getting your choice of cheese and choice of breads. I prefer the pepper jack cheese and whole wheat bun. Bring it home and stick it the toaster oven long enough to get the bun a little toasty, and that's good stuff.

Their vanilla shakes are a just a little too plain tasting -- even for vanilla. So, I would recommend the strawberry shake instead. Their seasonsed fries could be a little more seasoned, but at least they taste like real food too -- and not too salty.