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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Ron Price Jack-o'-Lantern

The only time I plan on breaking my sabbatical... but only because this was too funny not to do and share with the world.

Click on the image to get it full-sized, print it out and follow the directions, feeling free to re-size as desired.


Anonymous said...

Chris, you either have too much time or you're brilliant! Sorry you missed the work session and I replied to your e-mail. Hope all is well and I love the blog!

AfterShock said...

Isn't Halloween scary enough without having that mug on a jack-o-lantern?? :P

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

God (and maybe the lawyers too) is going to get you for defaming Rockingham County's #1 Christian with this pagan tomfoolery.

Anonymous said...


You are wrong in going after Ron Price the way that you are. I will tell you that I am 100% with you on Ron Paul. Bush and the other Republicrats are going to have us all in chains in the end if they have their way. There is nothing but corruption in these guys and if you dig deeper it only gets more rotten.

Ron Price on the other hand is trying to do what is right most of the time. I know Ron pretty well and he is a hard worker and wants what is best for Rockingham County. You have taken one incident and blown it out of proportion. What about the frivilous lawsuit that Debbie Moore filed that cost Ron a lot of money out-of-pocket in legal fees? The courts decided that the lawsuit was a vicious and unprovoked attack and would have dismissed the chages had Debbie not seen what was coming and dropped them herself. And you know that Ron never asked for one dime in his defense? He paid it all out-of-pocket.

Now that Richard and Debbie Moore are under some heat what do they do? They go out and ask the community to pay for their mistakes. They run their mouths and spread their hatred and filth and ask for other to pay for the results. Kind of like a socialized legal plan. "I screw things up and everyone pays for it." Isn't that what socialized medicine is all about? "I live an unhealthy lifestyle and ask everyone to pay for it."

Anyway, I disagree with you on Ron Price. As I said, I know him better than you or the Moores do. He is a good man and has done a lot for the communities of which he has been a part through his entire life. I have seen how hard he works (basically with no compensation) to improve the schools in Rockingham County.

Ask yourself if you are doing what is right. Are you speaking the truth or bearing false witness? Are you targeting the right people or shooting friendlies? Are you fighting for the right here or just doing something that satisfies your emotions and creates frenzy? Would you like someone to do to you what you are doing to Ron? Let's face it, we live in a fallen world with fallen people. Ron has made some mistakes but you have blown it out of proportion. Are you so perfect as to qualify to throw the first stone? I think not. You in your heart of hearts know that you are not.

I believe that we need to watch our government. I am a member of We The People. I support the Constitution. I support Ron Paul. I am against those who are ruining our nation in their lust for power and hidden agendas. Against the numerous violations of our Constitution that occur daily. We are heading down a slippery slope and now is the critical time when we can turn the tide if we decide to stand and be counted.

Ron Price is the wrong target for your efforts though. If you knew Ron better you would probably find that you have more in common with him than not.

Let me ask you this. If you would had found campaign signs that you had placed, that were vandalized and replaced with others, what would you have done? I hardly believe that you, Chris Knight, would have let such an evil slide. I know I would have probably done exactly what Ron did. Replace the signs that were originally there and turn the others in at the DOT office where they were to go the following day anyway. How is it that you have allowed this incident to get blown out of proportion and have followed the frenzy of those in the community who just like to slander people?

I will stand by you on defending the Constitution, the rights of the people and the states, exposing conspiracies, securing our borders, Ron Paul for President, bringing the troops home from an illegal "war" and all of the other issues critical to our freedom. I will stand against you to the end and defend Ron Price as I know he is a good man and not all of the things you have made him to be. It is not too late to stop your attacks against Ron and do what is right.

PS- And Ron is a real Christian, not a pew-warmer. He has contributed much to the cause of Christ through giving much time and money over the years. I know this, not because he has told me but, because I have witnessed it. You may mock him through your lies and false witness. God does not honor you in doing that and you are wrong to do it.

Anonymous said...

If you've read Chris Knight's blog then you know what his problem is with Ron Price. Ron stole something because he put his favorite candidate for Congress above doing what would be right. He showed that he cared more about the Republican party than he did about doing the good and honest thing. It should never have entered Ron's mind in the first place to steal. But it did and then he put that evil thought into action. He would have made away entirely with it if he had not been caught in the act. He was only sorry that he got caught. He was never sorry for the act itself. I don't know what Bible you read but in mine there is accounting for what we have done wrong. It doesn't matter if Ron Price calls himself a Christian, is he following Christ? Because if he were really following Christ then he would have done the right thing and give up his school board seat. He didn't do that either and it compounded his sin. How is he showing the children in this county that he is either a responsible leader or a serious Christian?

My daughter said last week that Ron Price has come up in her Sunday School class many times over this year. In all honesty, she and her friends are disgusted that he is representing them. They pray for him though. They pray that he will still do the right thing and leave his seat. But they can not respect him at all. It doesn't matter how much money he has given to Christian causes. You cannot buy grace or favor from God. And it cannot purchase redemption either. You are sinning by suggesting that Ron Price is doing that.

Chris Knight said...

I tried calling Ron Price a few nights after the election. I left a message. He never called back.

I wrote my open letter, and sent it to Ron first. Before I ever published it here. I told him that in keeping with scripture, that this was going to be something "between brothers". Again, he never responded.

I do wonder if he believed that he didn't have to be held accountable at all. He even told someone a few nights after the election that it was okay that he broke the law because "I was elected".

I supported Ron Price for school board. There's no telling how many people that I talke to, trying to encourage them to vote for Price. Because I *believed* in him. I thought he was a man of integrity and honesty. Instead he turns out to be just another scoundrel.

How could I possibly remain silent, after everything that I did for him?

In every way, I tried to talk Ron out of taking the school board seat. He never listened. He shut me out just as he's shut everyone else out. And all this past year, he's demonstrated time and again that he does not give one damn about his constituents, only what matters to Ron Price.

Even if he's a poor example of a Christian and that some might argue that I shouldn't judge him, I and everyone else *can* judge him on how poor a representative he is.

I gave him his shot to back out. He didn't take it. That's when this went from something "between brethren" to something that had to be said aloud before "the church". The church here being the people of Rockingham County.

Ron Price more than deserves public ridicule. As does any elected official who abuses the trust given them.

Chris Knight said...

And I have reasonable suspicion to believe that the above long post by "anonymous" was written by Ron Price himself.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous #3. Ron Price is a good Christian man and, like Christians everywhere, he is being persecuted for his religious beliefs.

The wicked Moores did the same thing to poor Wendy Hoover when she embezzled money from the school system. Why are these good Christian people being mistreated? It's not right.

I hope Ron Price gets filthy rich on his lawsuit against the Moores, That'll teach 'em to mind their own business next time somebody steals campaign signs.

First Amendment or no First Amendment, if a government official is a good Christian, then the legal system should shield him from cruel critics like you Chris Knight.

Leave Britta...I mean leave Ron Price alone!

Anonymous said...


You still haven't answered my question. Come on man! Ron did not commit any crime. Period. The courts said so. Do you not believe in the rule of law? Do you just want to harass Ron for the fun of it? You are bearing false witness to say that Ron is a thief. The crime was committed when Debbie Moore filed a frivilous lawsuit and made Ron pay out of his pocket to defend himself. Brad Miller said "no foul." The courts said "no foul." So why do you insist on further slandering Mr. Price?

It is shameful that you and your followers are so bloodthirsty and cowardly that you can't find a better fight against a more formidable foe.

Funny you don't mention the facts here. Neither do your non-thinking thug followers.

Richard and Debbie will get theirs. They deserve it. But I will wait for the courts to decide before I slander them like you all have done Ron.

And no, this isn't Ron you Jackass. To think that Ron would write on your blog shows that you really don't know him.

So tell me oh brilliant one, what is the crime? Is it stealing? Is someone still guilty even if the courts say they aren't? Do you know the law? Do you know the events that unfolded that day? Do you care to mention the facts beyond over-simplified ones?

If a man kills another man while defending his child from an attack you would call him a murderer. The courts release the man as innocent. All you say on your site is that the man is a murderer. After all, he killed another man, right? And thus your followers...uh, bloggers...call him the same. And so the man is innocent but you throw the first stone and it never ends...

Not so brilliant.

Anonymous said...


Do you know the facts? I don't think so. The Robinson signs had been vandalized and thrown in the ditch. That was the crime. Littering. Ron picked up the Robinson signs and replaced them where they were before. Rather than littering Ron decided to do the right thing with the Miller signs and turn them in to the DOT office.

So what would you have done Emily the saint? Would you have just let the crime go on and do nothing? Maybe Ron didn't do the PC thing but he set the situation straight and helped the environment by picking up litter at the same time.

If you represent a "jury of my peers" I feel sorry for anyone who gets you on a jury.

Just remember, as you judge, in the same manner you will be judged.

Anonymous said...

Chris thats either Ron Price or Jeffrey Sykes.

anonymous there was a crime committed. If Brad Miller didn't want to be bothered with it that does not mean that a crime still did not happen. Ron Price STOLE signs by taking them when the only people who legally could take them were the owners and DMV. Ron Price took the law into his own hands. So even if he did not steal you are admitting that Ron Price is a vigilante. I thought you said you believed in rule of law? So what Ron Price did means that children can take the law into their own hands now too.

Anonymous said...

Ron wasn't stealing, he was simply trying to beautify the highways by removing Democrat signs. DOT should have given him an award for his generous community service.

Jesus loves Republican signs. Jesus wanted Ron to replace Democrat Brad Miller signs with Republican Vernon Robinson signs.

Jesus is going to smite those who persecute his flock. Do you hear me, Chris Knight? You and the Moores are damned for eternity for embarrassing Mr. Price.

This all reminds me of how Richard Nixon was persecuted over that silly Watergate burgarly thing.

I say let bygones be bygones.

Anonymous said...

That settles what this year's jackolantern should look like.

Anonymous said...

Still want to show your collective ignorance? Answer the f-ing questions. You say it was stealing no matter what the courts say. You are all jackasses.

Joonbug you are a liar or are stupid (or smoking too much weed). The courts said "No Offense" Brad Miller said "No Offense" You do not know the law or the facts so you fit right in with the thuggery on this site.

You all are still avoiding the issues. Vigilante? WTF? for fixing some sign vandalism. You all should sign up for the local Nazi Party. They hate a lot of folks so you could broaden your target range.

We are a nation ruled by citizens Joonbug (at least we used to be). So yes, everyone should take some responsibility. I guess if your home is broken into and your kids are threatened you will wait for the cops to come and mop the blood up. I prefer to shoot the one who is breaking into my house [right between the eyes if possible]. So I guess I am a vigilante also?

If I saw some campaign signs that had been vandalized I would fix them. Period. You go on and be a coward and a helpless victim. Most decent folks would want to do something about it. That's a fact.

You have no clue who this is. I resent every one of you for what you are doing to Ron Price. You are evil and are making a big deal out of something that you should have been over a long time ago. You are bloodthirsty tyrants who are too afraid to stand up to real problems we are facing in this country.

To the other anonymous writer; You are the biggest jackass of all of the bloggers here. On top of that you are a blasphemer. I hope you cut an artery while you're carving. I mean that in a totally Christian way. Happy carving.

You all have done things far worse than what you accuse Ron of having done I'm sure. Bunch of cowards and hypocrites! I hope he sues all of you.

I'm sure Ron is pretty optimistic at the money he will make off of Richard and Debbie and all of the bullies in Rockingham County who have gone unchecked until now.

Ron, your supporters are here. We will stand by you. Keep up the fight my friend. The rightous will prevail!

Anonymous said...

If the last person is the typical supporter that Ron Price has, the sooner Price is gone from the county the better. I haven't met anyone who supports Price. Everyone I speak with sides with the Moores and many say they want Chris Knight to run for school board again next year. After everything he's done for us even though he lost the election, Knight has shown that he's one of the few real leaders in Rockingham. Price can say he was elected but he can't say he's respected as a leader. Chris I pray that you will run again because we need more with your ideals and creativity.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Price, you will never have the respect that Chris Knight has in this county. You have the elected seat but he is more of a real leader than you will ever be. My kids look up to him because he is teaching them how to fight people like you. They won't let people like you fool them like you have fooled the rest of us. This is how Chris Knight has beaten you.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! How did you do that?

Chris Knight said...

It's pretty easy to do. I took a photo of Price and opened it up in Photoshop. Then I created a new layer on top of that and used the pen tool to color black the areas that I wanted to mark out. After that, I created a new layer, used paint bucket to fill it entirely with white and arranged that layer behind the one with the actual pattern. Then export it out as a JPEG with the pattern and the white merged.

It's how I did the Ron Paul one also. If you've ever used a pumpkin pattern like this, then it's pretty easy to be familiar with how the patterns work and you can easily "think out" how to draw it.

Anonymous said...

Wake up, people! You're all wrong - it's not Jeff or Ron. It's Celeste.

Gibby said...

Okay, so instead of playing this childish guessing game .. I think it could be any of the three people metioned, why doesn't the "anonymous" reveal themself? Seriosuly, I put my first name on here and I'm 17 and in high school. If you think Ron Price is a great guy, why hide that fact? Chris is simply exercising his freedom of speech and I wouldn't mind if he made my face into a pumpkin. GO for it Chris! Anyway, I attend every board meeting and work session and I've come to the conclusion that Ron Price is probably a nice guy in many apsects but he is belittling the good people on the school board by not just acknowledging that he made a mistake. That's what Christians do, admit when they're wrong, ask for forgiveness, and then try to lead a good life. And seriously, the comment about one person being stupid b/c they smoked too much weed-- why the Hell was that even relevant? And whoever decided to start typing my name first and then put Ron Price, is also anonymous. have some guts people! I mean, can you not make your point without being silly and jabbing at others you don't know? Grow up anonymous!

Gibby said...

oh and I meant to put my real name in there, not my blog name. the above comment is by :Brittany a.k.a. Gibby

Anonymous said...

Okay, everybody. It is time to breath, drink some coffee, and obviously sleep off this alcohol induced stupidity.

First of all, a blog is a forum for a person's thoughts and opinions. Thus, whatever a person says he is within his rights to say because it is a blog. I am so very sorry that you are all offended by Knight's comments, but hello, America he gets to say them, and no matter what you say, he will continue to say them. That is the beauty of the first ammendment. A court may say defammation of character. He can take the name out. But he can still say, "I believe so-and-so is an idiot." I could say the sky was an obtrusive piece of crap that got in the way of life, it's an opinion, oh well, move on with life.

Second, the language has gotten out of hand. While most of us behave like mature adults, it has been made obvious that some of us cannot handle the privilege of public forum because of PMS (Potty Mouth Syndrome) so I think we should all back away from our computers and remember, hey, this debate has involved the bible, let's act like the read Ephesians 4:29 and take a minute to wash our mouths out with soap.

Finally, there is no number one Christian. You can be Justin Timberlake's number one fan if you want, I do not care, but there is no number one Christian. According to God we are all created equally in His image, thus no one is better than the others. I mean no disrespect but the means you are equal to any Islamic terrorist that killed thousands on 9/11. And calling the readers of this blog 'Pagans' was an insult not only to the readers, but to yourself. You obviously read it to insult it, so you have just defamed your own character.

All I am asking for is a little thought. Just a little. Before you insult yourself anymore. Remember, it is better that others think you are an idiot than it is to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Just think.

Anonymous said...

Facts relating to Ron Price's lawsuit against the Moore's:

1) The Moore's have never sued Ron Price for anything. Whoever said they did is an uninformed idiot.
2) Although Price is presumed innocent, a court has never ruled on his sign theft case. The charges were dismissed on a technicality. The DA could still prosecute the case.
2) Price is suing the Moore's because they called him a thief after he confessed on television, in newspapers, and on his own blog that he took Brad Miller's campaign signs and relaced them with his Vernon Robinson signs. Three independent witnesses testified that they saw Price taking the signs. The Reidsville Police Department found Brad Miller's signs in Price's trunk when they searched his vehicle. Price admitted to the police officers that he took the signs. The police report indicated Congressman Miller's signs were stolen.
3) Price apologized to Congressman Brad Miller on his blog, something he would not have done if he had been innocently looking after highway beautification. Price called the sign incident a "wrong" that he should have never committed.
4) Price is suing the Moore's because Ms. Moore pursued misdemeanor criminal charges against Price for stealing Miller's signs. Ms. Moore presented the police report to a magistrate and asked if charges could be brought. The magistrate, not Ms. Moore, decided the police report warranted a criminal charge against Price. Ms. Moore went to the magistrate with the police report on the suggestion of Sheriff Sam Page.
5)Ron Price is suing the Moore's because they encouraged people to sign a petition to request the state board of education to direct a hearing on Price's fitness to serve on the Rockingham County School Board. There was a provision in state law for the fitness hearing procedure.
6)Ron Price is suing the Moore's because Mr. Moore wore a t-shirt to a school board meeting that read "If this shirt is missing, look in Ron Price's trunk." The lawsuit says the t-shirt is an invasion of Price's privacy.

These are the facts, ladies and gentlemen, and the facts seem to indicate Mr. Price, an elected official, is going to have a tough time proving defamation. According to many, many court decisions, public official are practically immune from libel. If that were not the case, no one would ever dare criticize the government.

Ponder the facts if you will before you make so many assine statements about things that you nothing about.

Anonymous said...

What happened? Where did everybody go? Did those last two posts mellow everyone's rage?

Come on, let's not let this fact crap prevent us from squabbling about Price, the Moores, and Chris Knight?

Where is your righteous indignation when it's needed?

Ron? Jeff? Celeste? Anonymous? Come on, let's kick some Knight and Moore booty.

Anonymous said...

Ron Price is an admitted thief who had to hire a bad lawyer to help him with his frivilos lawsuit.

Chris Knight is an honest man who just fought a multi multi billion dollar corporation on his own and he won.

Never mind which one is the sure winner. I know which one I would like to have on the school board.

Anonymous said...

Chris, you are too good to waste time fighting low life like Ron Price.

I think you should run for United States House of Representatives.

I'm not joking Chris. You've shown everyone what you believe in and that you hold to your principles. We know that you are driven and are a hardworker. You are one of the most creative people around.

You also show that you are serious about your faith in Jesus Christ and that it is not just for show.

I don't agree with you about everything but I do trust you to do what you believe is right instead of what you want.

I think there should be a draft Christopher Knight for Congress movement. What does everyone think of that?

We need someone like you to represent us.

Christopher Knight for Congress sounds wonderful! I would vote for you. Please think about it.

Anonymous said...

Chris couldn't run for US Congress. Yes he can but he wouldn't get a lot of votes because he's known well here in Rockingham but not elsewhere in the House district. I think he should run for the NC House seat that Nelson Cole has. Chris could win that easy.