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Thursday, October 11, 2007

TRANSFORMERS 2 shaping up fast and my vow regarding TRANSFORMERS: THE SCORE

Tonight I'm still getting plenty of e-mails from folks telling me their tales of woe regarding their not being able to find Transformers: The Score anywhere.

How bad is this? Enough that I'm now feeling some regret at having some copies of the CD here, knowing that most people aren't getting it.

So here's my solemn vow, as an Eagle Scout...

Being that I cannot in good conscience listen to Transformers: The Score and feel right about that after knowing that most people cannot purchase it at all, I promise to no longer listen to Transformers: The Score until I have bought two copies of this CD at a traditional retail outlet. That will be an assurance to me that the CD is finally getting the distribution that it deserves.
Hey, I held off on kissing Lisa until our wedding ceremony. Abstaining from the Transformers score is an easy thing to do after that :-P

Here's hoping and praying that we'll get some official word about the score CD situation soon. In the meantime, there is some good news regarding Transformers 2 or whatever it's title will be:

- Steven Spielberg says that the story for Transformers 2 will be finished within the next two weeks and that if the writer's strike doesn't happen in November then production should begin "pretty quickly".

- Spielberg also says that a full-fledged script may be ready within a month and that Shia Le Beouf is on board for "multiple" sequels.

- Digital pre-visualizations are already well underway! Some of this includes designs that weren't used in the first film... which may be a good sign for those Transformers fans who wanted (but didn't get) to see Arcee: maybe in Part 2 they'll have her at last.

And yeah, I've been following some of the story about the "treatment" that may or may not have been generated somewhere among The Powers That Be (mash down here for an intriguing comment by the admin of Michael Bay's forums). Don't really think we should be reading too much into it right now, 'cuz this early on in a movie's planning stages there's all kinds of ideas and crazy notions that get jotted down, then rejected, sometimes picked up again and almost invariably leading to permutations far different than how they were originally conceived. In the very early drafts of George Lucas's "The Star Wars" there was a guy named Darth Vader but he was a pretty minor character, so anything can still happen.

Oh yeah, only five more days until Transformers is out on DVD, too! :-)


Matt said...

I have gotten a confirmation email from Amazon stating that the soundtrack IS being sent to me. So, maybe the soundtracks are actually being supplied now?

Anonymous said...

I actually have the sound track was able to get it off of amazon. It's the best soundtrack I've eer heard!