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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

TRANSFORMERS score CD is selling out on first day!

Transformer World 2005 is hosting multiple reports that Transformers: The Score, which went on sale today, is selling out all over the place.

Among the accounts...

- "Checked three stores today. Best Buy - Got in several copies, set them out before opening, sold out in less than an hour. This from a hardcore Transformers fan who works there. She didn't even get her copy, as they were gone before she got to work. Target - They aren't even in their computers according to the cat I talked to. Not sure if that's legit or not. FYE - Got in several copies, sold out before eleven (when I was there)."

- "If you haven't yet, try the "mega-bookstores". Found the last copy at a local Borders. Didn't check Barnes and Noble or a Books-A-Million, but I assume they might be carrying it. At the very least, check a Borders if you have one nearby. Search high and low near the soundtracks section. My copy was actually in the Latin music selection next to it."

- "I think best buy is the only retailer that actually got it in. I called one of the ones in the area and got them to hold their final copy"

Meanwhile I'm hearing from a few of our friends north of the border (no not Virginia... I'm talking Canada!) who are having especially big problems finding the score there. Here's hoping that this CD can get some good distribution going 'cuz it's apparently in considerable demand (yah as if we didn't know that people really wanted this thing ;-).