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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

TRANSFORMERS score CD update: "'Till All Have One!"

Just because yesterday was the release date, doesn't mean that the struggle is over with. We won't stop demanding Transformers: The Score ...

Bigtime props to Mike Halverson for coming up with that awesome line!

(It's a paraphrase of the '"Til all are one!" final quote from the 1986 animated Transformers movie, in case ya didn't know :-)

Now, on to serious business regarding the problems still plaguing the release of the score CD...

Am still trying to get hold of someone at Warner Records about this, especially the Canadian distribution issue. It may take another day or so before I can come back with something definitive on that though, but will keep working on it. Keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow 'cuz I hope to be able then to talk with someone who can provide some real skinny about what's going down.

Now about the orders placed through Amazon.com, which there have been all kinds of stories coming in about folks now getting e-mails from Amazon stating that their orders will be delayed. A source has said that "It's almost impossible!" right now to get Transformers: The Score shipped immediately from them because Amazon is running extremely low on stock. It is now being considered a "top priority" by Amazon to get more CDs sent to their warehouse (and Amazon is asking for "thousands!").

Unfortunately this means that anyone now ordering from Amazon will probably have to wait 1-3 weeks before their CD arrives!

Clearly, the demand for this was very unexpected. By everyone.

I am still looking for a couple of copies in the stores too, and went all over Greensboro (the biggest town around here) today and it's nowhere to be found. A dude in High Point has said he went looking for it to, but to no avail. Have also heard that Burlington is a complete bust.

Nothing much else to say at this point except...

"Transform and roll out... them CDs!!!" :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris
I regret that I could not find The Soundtrack at Best Buy, Target, Circus City, and the local chain "music" store. I have not gotten any kind of update from Amazon about when my preorder will ship, but the website says I wont get it until after Oct 22. Which is pretty ridiculously long....so I placed an order with an Amazon reseller in FL with the hopes of hedging my bets. Thanks alot for the work you have done for this soundtrack.
Thanks also for your thoughts about our other topic, I am glad to have the dialogue with you.

Anonymous said...

Winston-Salem has no copies.

Anonymous said...

hey i had to look around pretty hard to find the cd i was not able to get in a store i live just outside of Philadelphia but i ordered it on BestBuy.com and got it in UPS today its a great cd and i suggest people order is online it will be pretty easy any questions i dont have a blog but my e-mail address is Flyersman1097@yahoo.com