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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Finally found TRANSFORMERS: THE SCORE in a retail store!

It was actually my wife Lisa who discovered it. A few days ago she was at the Best Buy in Burlington (North Carolina) shopping with a friend and she spotted Transformers: The Score, the soundtrack CD composed by Steve Jablonsky from this summer's smash-hit movie (and also the CD that this blog may or may not have played some role in trying to expedite its release :-) sitting on the rack in the music section. Although Transformers: The Score came out on October 9th, it has been notoriously hard to find in regular retail outlets. In fact, just about the only way most people have been able to reliably purchase a copy is via Amazon.com, where it's been selling consistently well (currently #80 in music overall and #10 in soundtracks).

Here's a photo of it at Best Buy (looks like they've got quite a few in stock)...

And since Lisa's known how much it's meant to me to be able to have bought it in a real store (oh yeah, we've still got the copies that Steve Jablonsky signed and gave to us but it's never felt right to be able to listen to those while most people haven't been able to get their hands on it yet) she was really sweet and bought it for me!

The signed copies by Steve Jablonsky, I'm still planning on putting those in a shadowbox, along with a printed-out copy of the online petition (including all of the signatures) and a little plaque that says "NO SACRIFICE, NO VICTORY!" In the meantime, I'm finally listening to Transformers: The Score and getting to enjoy it guilt-free :-)