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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

L. Ron Price: My best mash-up yet!

Incidentally, it was one year ago tonight that Ronald Filer Price, "conservative candidate" for Rockingham County Board of Education, stole the campaign signs belonging to U.S. House member Brad Miller. And then a number of citizens - including a doctor - spotted Ron's pilfering. Price admitted to the Reidsville cops that he had taken them, and claimed the following night on live television that he feared for his life because he was being chased by "goons".

Price, now too morally-tainted to serve on the Board, wound up elected and he had the gall to get sworn in anyway (but come the swearing-in ceremony, he meekly had to admit that there was nobody to hold his Bible for him). Ron "The Con" has since gained a reputation as being the most arrogant, sneering member of the Rockingham County school board, looking down on those he brands as "bad for the community" like WGSR and opponents of his sick school uniforms scheme. And of course, there is his ridiculous lawsuit against the Moores.

So on the occasion of the one-year anniversary of "the commotion" or "the signs incident" as Ron Price has sometimes called it, here is my most diabolical Ron Price graphic... at least so far. And I'm really tempting the fates with this one! Because not only might Ron the Con sue me for using his name and face (hey Ron, I will get away with it because parody is protected free speech!), this one also messes with the Church of Scientology: the one entity on Earth more sue-happy than Ron Price, if that's possible.

So here it is, in the fine tradition of L. Ron Hubbard and his book Dianetics, it's L. Ron Price's smash-hit:

Ron will probably sue me anyway, sheerly out of spite because he can't use Adobe Photoshop like I can :-P


Anonymous said...

Actually Price and his son called WGSR-TV live on the air and called the witnesses to his theft of Brad Miller's signs "vigilantes, goons, and criminals".

I don't recall Price or his boy using "thugs" to describe the witnesses.

Chris Knight said...

You're right. It was "goons" that I was trying to remember (though in my mind there's no difference between a "thug" and a "goon"). It's fixed now. Thanks!