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Friday, November 09, 2007

My school board commercial being shown on THE SOUP on E!

I've just learned that the first commercial from my school board campaign last year - the "Star Wars" one - is being featured on this week's edition of the E! Entertainment Television series The Soup! I checked the airtime schedule and it looks like it'll be running throughout this next week...
Friday, Nov 9, 10:00p
Saturday, Nov 10, 12:30a
Saturday, Nov 10, 10:00a
Saturday, Nov 10, 11:30p
Sunday, Nov 11, 2:30a
Monday, Nov 12, 6:00p
Monday, Nov 12, 10:30p
Tuesday, Nov 13, 1:30a
Wednesday, Nov 14, 2:00a
I'll be checking it out later. And comment about it here. And if I can figure out some way to do it without getting hit with a copyright infringement again (E! isn't owned by Viacom too is it?) maybe I'll post the YouTube clip of it :-P Thanks to Courtney Willis for the heads-up!

EDIT 11-10-2007 1:10 a.m. EST: I just saw the show and it is hilarious! It comes in the final segment, and they even put a quick shot of me wielding the lightsaber in the bumper as they were going out from the previous segment. It features plenty of Melody Daniel's terrific voice-over, too! As for Joel McHale's commentary: it's been a very long time since I've laughed so hard :-) Great job E!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I caught that video! I always figured I'd see you on screen with a lightsaber.

Chris Knight said...

That was insane! I was laughing hard the whole time. And once again Rockingham County gets a shout-out on national television :-)

Jenna St.Hilaire said...

Hey, cool! Surely they wouldn't fuss if you put up the link to the YouTube video on your blog ... ? Congrats on making it national again!!! :-D

Lee Shelton said...

I saw that. You've made it to the big time, Dude!