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Thursday, November 22, 2007

What I am thankful for in 2007

Last year for Thanksgiving, I posted here a list of things for which I am thankful. It seemed then that this might be a great thing to turn into an annual tradition.

So as Thanksgiving 2007 is winding down, I have to say that I am thankful for...

...my dear wife Lisa, who more times than I can possibly count over this past year has shown again that she is the most remarkable woman that I have ever met, in addition to being the most beautiful. I absolutely do not deserve to have her in my life, and I thank God every day that for whatever reason, He put the two of us together. And Lord willing, we will have children someday soon who will come to know how wonderful she is, too :-)

...for my family.

...for the many, many new friendships that were made over this past year. That was the most consistent thing that happened throughout all of "these crazy situations" (as Chad Austin put it).

...and I'm especially thankful for my brothers and sisters in POTSMOD and how that brought us together to not only stand up against a bad thing and put a stop to it, but also to have a lot of fun along the way :-)

...for the hardships. Yes, I am thankful for the adversities that have come up seemingly nonstop since this year began. Because each of those things caused me to grow, even when they sometimes almost broke me down completely. And I sincerely believe that this is the biggest testimony that I can offer about how God has been working in my life. The Chris Knight from a decade ago could not have stood up to all of these crises and situations. That Chris Knight would have tried to face them on his own and he would have fallen and been utterly crushed by them. Heck, he was crushed by them. The Chris Knight of 2007 has finally (or I like to think so anyway) learned to yield his life to God and let Him shoulder the burden instead. The Chris Knight of today has become a person who doesn't try to do it on his own... because he finally realizes that attempting it can only hurt and destroy a person, and comes in the way of what God would have for us.

...for the weddings of so many loved ones.

...for the arrival into this world of so many beautiful new little ones.

...for acing the Praxis II exam and doing so well on the GRE!

...for the start of what I hope will be a successful business, which will be the first time that I've really set out to make my own living. Whether I succeed or fail is not only in my hands but more importantly it's in God's hands... which is where it belongs to begin with.

...that I was able to make another short film (which was also an opportunity to meet some terrific new people).

...for Transformers: The Score, which to me became not only a beautiful piece of music but symbolic of something much more profound and wonderful. What I mean by that is something that would take too long to go into here.

...for Lost, which is the kind of television storytelling that I wish I could have grown up watching my entire life.

...for the Rockingham County Board of Education, which has been one of the most entertaining things that I have ever borne witness to.

...for finally getting to eat at Mama Dip's restaurant.

...for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which was one of the most amazing and profoundly Christian novels that I have ever read.

...for Facebook, which has led to me getting back in touch with a lot of people that I've lost contact with over the years.

...for WGSR Star 39, which never ceases to entertain and enlighten with its oddball quirkiness (but please guys, no solid month's run of Cujo anymore, 'kay?).

...and speaking of WGSR, I'm thankful that I got to co-host an entire hour of Monday Night Live earlier this year.

...for Marvel Ultimate Alliance, one of the greatest video games ever (and I hope that we get a sequel someday soon)!

...that I will be finally attending Butt-Numb-A-Thon two weeks from now, after trying hard for so many years to be there.

...for a wonderful trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway around Boone last month, which ended up being very much the swan song trip for my trusty Toyota Corolla. I am sorry that it was totaled less than a week later, but I couldn't have asked for a better "going away" for it.

...for finally, after years and years of trying to comprehend and accept this, realizing that God's grace is sufficient.

...for so many other things that I'm trying hard to think of right now but am failing horribly at recalling, mostly 'cuz this has been such a long day.

...and as last year, I am just thankful for being able to say that I am thankful.