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Monday, December 03, 2007

Andy Griffith's "What It Was, Was Football!"

In 1953, a young North Carolina actor named Andy Griffith did a stand-up routine about the game of football. The recording of it became a runaway bestseller across the country, and it quickly propelled Griffith toward major motion picture roles and of course The Andy Griffith Show. And since that time "What It Was, Was Football!" has become one of the best-known comedy monologues in history.

I first heard this bit around 1984, when the local edition of P.M. Magazine did a video clip of Griffith's routine accompanied by footage from a local game. They even had a guy act out the "Buddy have a drink!" part. I thought it was pretty hilarious and years later when I spotted an Andy Griffith CD at a store in Asheville I bought it, just for "What It Was, Was Football!". It's now on my MP3 player :-)

And guess what? You can enjoy it via YouTube, complete with lots of football images! So whether you first heard it many years ago or have never enjoyed it until now, here is Andy Griffith's "What It Was, Was Football!"

But that's not all! I didn't know until tonight that in 1958, "What It Was, Was Football!" was adapted into graphic form by MAD Magazine! Click here to see MAD artist George Woodbridge bring to life Griffith's tale of a country rube discovering the game of football :-)


Anonymous said...

Great stuff! (From what I understand, country rube humor was pretty popular in the 1950s)