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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Smaug Alert: Peter Jackson and New Line are making THE HOBBIT (and a sequel)!

It's true! Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema have made nice and are producing a big-screen feature of The Hobbit, just as Jackson did with The Lord of the Rings several years ago.

But that's not all: the deal also includes a sequel that will "bridge" the events of The Hobbit with The Lord of the Rings that took place sixty years later. If you've ever read some of Tolkien's other works, you know that there was a lot more going on in that period that the books just hinted at.

Ain't It Cool News has more, including an official press release and some mention about how Howard Shore may already be working on the music for the new movies.

The Hobbit will hit theaters in 2010.

(Okay Lisa, you can stop worrying now: they are making this finally :-)


qemuel said...

How would you feel about this:


Regardless,I find myself curious as to how this plays out, as well as pleased to have what promises to be a gorram impressive Smaug in our future.

Geoff Gentry (aka xforce11) said...

I was SO thrilled when I saw the news today. I can't wait!

Chris Knight said...

The Spider-Man franchise couldn't have asked for a better helmsman than Sam Raimi. But I would also understand it if he wanted to direct The Hobbit. Raimi's had a steady progression in his career ever since the first Evil Dead, and Spider-Man finally showed everyone that he can handle solid blockbuster material. With The Hobbit, Raimi would escalate things to the next level: classic epic storytelling, of the kind that very few (De Mille and Jackson come to mind) have proven capable of doing. Raimi is definitely up to the task, and he deserves that shot at the opportunity.

Geoff Gentry (aka xforce11) said...

I saw an interview from the studio. Jackson has the right to direct one or both of the movies.