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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

TRANSFORMERS: THE SCORE is still a hot seller

And over the past week it's actually become more popular (some of that might be due to Christmas shopping, no doubt). While a few days ago it was ranked around #260, the CD of Steve Jablonsky's amazing score for the movie Transformers is currently #184 in Amazon's music sales. It's also #4 in the Orchestral Pop category and #8 in Movie Scores (behind the Sweeney Todd soundtrack - which I got for Christmas - at #1 and The Polar Express at #7) and #12 in overall Classical.

I still haven't heard anything about that 2-disc set that we were told might be in the works if this album sold well. I'll say this though: my own copy of Transformers: The Score has easily been the most played work of music at the Knight household during the past three months. And ever since I got my new car, there've been darned few trips that I've taken in it that I didn't crank up this CD, especially "Arrival to Earth", "Decepticons" and "Scorponok" (which I still have to be careful listening to while driving).