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Friday, December 21, 2007

"We have to go back!" Trailer for LOST Season 4

Lost returns next month. On January 31st to be precise.

By then it will have been eight months since that sense-shattering season finale: the one that still ranks as the most devious and clever tricks that I've ever seen on an American television series.

Unfortunately due to the writers' strike it looks like we're only going to get eight episodes of Lost this season. I've heard that if the strike ends soon, that there might still be time to finish the rest of the stories for this 16-episode season (albeit with an unintended break in-between, since the final three seasons of Lost were supposed to run uninterrupted).

Let's hope that the strike ends soon (and without saying anything else about it, I do think that what the writers are asking for isn't unreasonable at all). In the meantime, check out this awesome new trailer for Season 4 of Lost! That's a high-quality version. There's also this YouTube-hosted edition:

Lots of good stuff in this trailer: helicopters over the island, a bit of Jeremy Davies's new character, a new DHARMA station logo, maybe a fleeting shot of Jacob, and some other goodies for sharp-eyed fans.

EDIT 2:34 p.m. EST: I just realized that the DHARMA logo is one we've seen before: it's for the Hydra. My bad. Blame it on... what I was doing throughout the night last night and into this morning, which I'll be able to talk about more soon :-)