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Thursday, January 17, 2008

First snow of 2008

Taken just after 7 a.m. EST outside our apartment in Reidsville, North Carolina...

Temperature was 38 degrees Fahrenheit at midnight and it's been dropping since. It's now just below freezing and it's not supposed to get any warmer for the rest of the day. The driveway is already slippery in many spots. The Rockingham County School System canceled classes for today late last night, so Lisa isn't going in. We won't be getting out today.

But Lisa went and pillaged the local supermarket and Wal-Mart last night for supplies. We've got plenty of food. And we've got plenty of things to entertain ourselves with (like the Wii that I got Lisa for Christmas, the one that I camped out overnight at the GameStop in Greensboro to buy it the next morning :-). And, for once, I don't have any projects that I'm rushing to get finished. And no bad guys that I have to really fight either. So I'm going to look at today as a gift from God, and He's finally giving me a chance to do something that I have not done in a very, very, very long time: relax and play.

Heck, I still have that Indiana Jones LEGO set that I haven't put together yet!

Okay, off to have breakfast. And then hang out with Lisa. And then do... other stuff ;-)