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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I've got one word that describes this "debate" going on right now from the Reagan Library ...


(Only at the last minute did I change that word before posting from something else.)

And some of you still think this is a free country with a legitimate press?

Some of you even dare think that these are the people that we should give our prayers and support to?

Tonight Lisa and I watched The Remains of the Day on our DVD player. Probably Anthony Hopkins's finest film role ever. That line he says toward the end has never failed to haunt me...

"I'm sorry sir, I was too busy serving to listen to the speeches."

Some of us do listen to the speeches, regardless of how many other people are too damned occupied with American Idol or Britney Spears's underwear or with the dog-and-pony show that the mainstream media and the party bigwigs and the power-mongers in our own government parade in front of us... as if those things really matter.

Yeah, some of us are listening. And we know damned well what's going on with this country. What America is turning into.

I'm not just angry because Ron Paul is being treated so unfairly. I would be this pissed-off if any candidate was being treated this way by supposedly "objective" journalists. Because I'd rather every candidate be allowed equal opportunity to come to the table and make their case, and let the chips fall where they may. Let us decide which one we'd rather listen to most. Anything less than that is an insult to the American people (yah like these bastitches care about whether they insult us or not).

Four years ago I posted my now-infamous list of "People Who Should Be Shot When the Revolution Comes". I'm thinking of amending it in the near future. Perhaps I should put "Partisan Pathetic Excuses for Journalists" on the revised list? I mean, the threat of assassination can work wonders...


Anonymous said...

That 'debate' was a sodding joke! If people can't see how things are manipulated and scripted by now then theres no hope left for America. Anderson Cooper is a traitor. Put him and the other MSNBC-CNN-Fox News assholes against the wall and open fire.