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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ron Price GIVES UP! Admitted thief drops lawsuit against Moores

Ron Price (full name Ronald Filer Price), disgraced at-large member of the Rockingham County Board of Education and confessed campaign sign thief, couldn't go the distance with his lawsuit against Richard and Debbie Moore, so he's thrown in the towel.

Price and his attorney Douglas Hux dropped the lawsuit yesterday. You can click on the graphic on the right to see the dismissal. It was done "with prejudice" and voluntarily... meaning that Price can't bring this same lawsuit up again.

There was no settlement. Price simply gave up.

(much bigger version of "Sir Ronald" graphic here)

Ron Price was suing the Moores for trying to hold Price accountable for his stealing campaign signs on the night before the 2006 general election. Among other things Price describes in his lawsuit how Richard Moore wore a t-shirt that said "If this shirt is missing look in Ron Price's trunk" during a school board meeting, and how the Moores helped circulate a petition around the county to have Price removed from office (Price came in fifth place in the election, the last one to get a seat on the board). For this, Price was seeking a quarter-million dollars in damages from the Moores.

According to what I've been able to learn, it was the deposition that did Price in. And based on what I've heard about the deposition (remember that I was also deposed in this fiasco) if this had come to a full-blown courtroom trial, Price would have already perjured himself six times over (at least) with his sworn testimony during the deposition.

(Here's the complete lawsuit that Price filed against the Moores, in case you're interested.)

By default, this means that Richard Moore has won. Furthermore, it also means that by virtue of not having principle enough to follow through on this, Ron Price has admitted defeat.

Unfortunately, under North Carolina law there is no way for the Moores to seek recovery of what they have lost because of this nonsense. Ron Price has gotten away with wasting a lot of the Moores' time and money. I've no doubt that deep down, Price is secretly proud of the fact that he was able to cause so much grief for the Moores over the past several months...

...But it's a hollow victory all the same. Ron Price should never have started something that he couldn't finish. And by turning tail and running away, Price has done nothing other than show everyone that he lacks character and consistency. In fact, I would dare say that Ron Price has shown his true self far more in his failure to follow through on his actions to the end in this, than he showed his lack of principles when he stole the campaign signs.

Ron Price, yer a coward. And now everybody knows it.

But look on the bright side Ron: now that the "pending litigation" is over with, you can now give everyone "the complete and factual account of the sign incident" on your blog, just as you promised to do over a year ago...

"Ron Price: He won the election, but lost the game."


Anonymous said...

hahaha love you Chris! and I am totally coming over and playing WII for like two days straight!

Anonymous said...

Ron Price is still a Damn Thief & he was a real man, He would do the right thing & resign from the school board. The student's don not his poor character!!@!!