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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ron Price lawsuit: The depositions. Price plays Clinton-esque games with signs. Uses lawsuit to squelch free speech. Chickens-out but claims victory!?

See that pic of Ron Price? That's when he was sworn in on the Rockingham County Board of Education a little over a year ago. Nobody from his family wanted to come and hold the Bible for him, so school board attorney Jill Wilson had to fill in. This pic was taken by Richard Moore, and we'll get back to it in just a little bit...

A few days ago Ron Price dropped his lawsuit against Richard and Debbie Moore. There's a story about it in The Reidsville Review, but based on what I've heard from a number of sources, the Review story is... shall we put it... "wildly inaccurate". There was no settlement at all, and certainly no conditions imposed. Ron Price cried "Uncle!" on his own.

Yet in spite of giving up, Price is delusional enough to claim a victory out of this...

Price said he was pleased with the outcome of the case.

"I think we reached our goal," he said.

What was Ron Price's goal? Well, now that I've come in possession of all of them, I'm going to present y'all with the full texts of the depositions that took place on November 15th, 2007 at the office of Douglas Hux (Price's attorney) in Eden. These are the depositions of Richard and Debbie Moore, my own, and Ron Price. And in case anyone's wondering: I don't mind posting my own here either. It's public record anyway, and looking over it I don't think that there's anything to be bashful about (here's my original report after I was deposed). I'll admit that my employment history is, let's just say, a bit "colorful"... but that's okay. I'm self-employed and working toward my own goals now, which is all that matters. Besides, I think that my 'tude on the stand and the snappy answers that I gave to Hux might be classic in their own right :-)

So here are the depositions...

Debbie and Richard Moore deposition

Chris Knight deposition

Ron Price deposition

Update 9:41 p.m. EST: I received the Ron Price deposition from an anonymous source. Meaning that I don't know who sent it or how they came into possession of it to begin with. I do know that it has been verified as being the actual sworn deposition that Ron Price gave on November 15th, 2007. After some consulting and deliberation, and in light of it being a document in the public record and that it pertains to an issue of local interest, I am reposting it here. Richard Moore had asked me to remove Ron Price's deposition. I have declined to do so due to the important public interest in Price's testimony.

It's Ron Price's deposition that is long, but chock-full of goodies. The most obvious thing is: Price does admit to illegally taking the signs. Price doesn't want to say that he "stole" the signs though, in an exhibition of semantical gymnastics that hasn't been seen since then-President Bill Clinton said that "it depends on what the meaning of 'is' is." In this deposition, you can see for yourself that Ron Price, as was reported in November, claimed that the campaign signs that he stole were "fair game" and that anybody could take them. It's really quite a merry chase to read this deposition, and see how the Moores' attorney Seth Cohen made Price run around in circles.

Even more crazy: Price admits to taking the Brad Miller signs and leaving the Vernon Robinson (who Price supported in the U.S. House race) signs, even though the Robinson signs were just as wrongfully placed as the Miller signs! If you want to see Seth "The Saw" Cohen at his finest, watch how he has Price doing backflips on this particular point.

In his deposition, Price claims that the Moores' alleged harassment because of the "sign incident", as he's referred to it before, has cost him business (though Price can't specifically point out to a single instance where this has led to any financial loss).

Ron Price also stated that he believed Richard Moore was pursuing this because as the next-highest vote-getter in the school board election, that Moore would have received the at-large seat if Price had stepped aside. This is, of course, not true: had Price done the honorable thing and turned down the seat, it would have been up to the Board of Commissioners to appoint someone to fill the seat.

Price also said in his deposition that his grandchildren have been asking him if he stole the signs. And Price suggests that the "sign incident" has caused problems toward his possibly becoming a deacon at the Baptist church that he's a member of.

(By the way Ron, have you had a chance to read 1st Corinthians, chapter 6, verses 1 through 8 yet?)

But so far as reaching some "goal" with this case goes, if you read through the later parts of his deposition, and based on what I've heard about the letter that Price's attorney Doug Hux sent the Moores, I think it's safe to conclude that the whole point of this lawsuit was to intimidate and "punish" Richard and Debbie Moore - two average citizens - for their attempt to hold an elected official accountable for his actions. In the words of Richard Moore via his website...

The letter also explained Constitutional rights are "not absolute", and the press is only allowed to criticize a public official for a "fair amount of time". During his deposition, Price indicated he sued us because the Neely Chronicle and Political Soup exceeded the allowable limit on criticism. It was not what we said, but how many times we said it. As best we could understand Price's law, the media is permitted to criticize a public official not more than three times.
Constitutional rights are "not absolute"? Limits on free speech and the press? And this is being said on behalf of an elected public official?

No wonder America is going down the tubes.

I understand completely that by being involved in this, and by even reporting on this issue in my own characteristic way, that I am opening myself up to a similar lawsuit from Ron Price just as he did with the Moores. Indeed, I've got it on good authority from one very reliable source that Price is "incensed" and "outraged" at the various depictions of him that I've posted on this blog (hey, I can't help it if the man has never learned how to use Adobe Photoshop).

But that's not going to stop me from reporting the truth about Ron Price to the community. And elected officials should expect to be held to a higher standard. The moment they begin to act as if they are above and beyond reproach from the rest of us, as Ron Price is now doing, then there becomes an end to any moral relationship between the constituents and that official.

Let's put it this way: Ron Price is still on the school board. But he no longer has any moral authority from the position. And as of now, everyone in the community knows this.

And so far as Price trying to shut down any criticism of him on this blog goes...

"Have you any idea how much tyrants fear the people they oppress? All of them realize that, one day, amongst their many victims, their is sure to be one who rises against them and strikes back!"

-- Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
by J.K. Rowling

Feel free to read the depositions if you want to find out a lot more about what goes on inside the head of one Ronald Filer Price, who has now stated for the record that it's okay to take campaign signs if you see them on the side of the road.

Finally, regarding that photo of Ron "The Con" getting sworn in: Richard Moore is now reporting that he is getting "harassment" from Price about that pic. Price wants it permanently removed from Moore's website.

Naturally, I am wondering if I will be getting hit with a "cease and desist" from Price (signed by Doug Hux) ordering me to stop using Price's visage in any more of my reports and Photoshop mash-ups.

I've got enough things to worry about in my life. And as much as I enjoy using my Photoshop skills at mocking a miscreant such as Price, I have to balance that out against everything else that's going on.

So from now on, whenever I talk about Ron Price, I think it'll be a safer thing instead to use a picture of Charles Nelson Reilly, who Ron Price greatly resembles (especially compared to photos of Reilly's later years, although this one is from when Reilly played Hoodoo on Sid and Marty Krofft's psychedelic Lidsville show in the early 1970s). So there ya go: if you see a photograph of Charles Nelson Reilly on this blog, you'll know that it's supposed to be Ron Price instead.

So come on Ron, how about it: do you want to take me to court now? 'Cuz I won't settle either. And if you thought my theatrics in deposition were outrageous, you ain't seen nuthin' yet.

Do you really believe you can be so smug and claim a victory against the guy who, almost single-handedly, took on a multi-billion dollar corporation... and won?

"Are you feeling lucky?"

(P.S.: I made "Buddy Ron". Deal with it.)


Anonymous said...

After reading his deposition I think that a new recall petition should be started against Ronald Filer Price to remove him from the school board.

He does admit to stealing the signs and he can't deny that any more.

Price should not be allowed to run for office ever again in Rockingham County.

Anonymous said...

Chris, thank you for keeping the fight and holding Scoundrel Ron's feet to the fire. And thank you Richard and Debbie Moore. You have all gone through a lot because of this but if there were no people like you then things would be a lot worse in this country. The few fight for the many and you don't get thanked enough for it. But because of you everyone has seen Ron Price for the man he really is.

Anonymous said...

"on Sid and Marty Krofft's psychedelic Lidsville show"

What Sid and Marty Krofft show WASN'T psychedelic?

Anonymous said...

Price names Celeste DePriest and Wayne Kirkman as witnesses that would support him. Theyre the only members of the board that are named in this deposition besides Price himself. Sounds like theyre in with each other but it doesnt surprise me that the three worst members of the school board would be thick as thieves.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you we do at last have Ron Price's "complete and factual account don't we????????????

Anonymous said...

If Ron Price had an ounce of decency, which he dosn't, He would resign his position on the School Board, pay the Moore's for that joke of a lawsuit, And he should get the hell out of the area He is a pisspoor excuse for a person.

Concernd Citizen Against Asshole's

Anonymous said...

That photo of Ron Price shows he took an oath to support the Constitution of the United States. It's obvious he didn't take that oath seriously. Is there any penalty for violating a sworn oath of office? Can he be sued for lying when he took the oath?

Anonymous said...

Ron Price may be a Baptist.

Ron Price is not a real Christian however.

You know them by their fruits.

Anonymous said...

Connecting a thief politician to a Krofft show? What are you smoking and can you please send me some?

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that R. P. is a lying Asshole too!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the Reidsville Review is a biased piece of shit paper for their distorting of the truth about the Price V Moore suit. They made it sound like R. P. was the winner, But in all truth He is a loser, thief, & a good for nothing Lyer that knew he didn't have a snowball's chance in Hell of winning so he folded, Just like he should do with his school board position. He doesn't deserve to influence the student's in any juristicion. now get the hell off the Board if you have an ounce of decency, Which I think he does not!!!

Anonymous said...

I voted for Ron Price for school board and now I regret it. The man is a first order hypocrite and he may be something else but he is not a real Christian. Christians do not lie and steal and use the law to harass whoever don't agree with them. But Ron Price will never be elected to anything again and he will grow old and die and no one will remember him as being any thing but a conman. Enjoy your time on the board Ron Con, this is all you will ever get out of your pathetic joke of a life.

Chris I hope you run for school board again. You would win next time. A lot of people in this county look at you as a real leader.

Anonymous said...

Did Ron think that Mark Childrey, who works for Star News, was going to testify FOR his side and against Richard and Debbie? I see in his deposition that he intended to call him as a witness for his side. Now that is FUNNY! I kinda doubt Mark Childrey would be willing to go to bat for Ron and Dougie Hux since he's good friends with Richard and Debbie. And Celeste and Wayne as witnesses? Please! That in itself is a big ol' joke!

Anonymous said...

I just read Ron Price's deposition and I can now see why he dropped his suit. But I always thought he would lose anyway. And looks like attorney Hux perhaps ruined any chances for Price by not first sending the Moores a cease and desist letter before a suit was filed. Maybe Price should have hired Mr. Cohen. Mr. Cohen tore Price up in the deposition, and exposed Price for who he really is...Idiot. It's mind-blowing and scary that we seem to have a deeply disturbed person on our school board. Major personality disorder going on in this man. He truly does have one set of values for himself and another set for everyone else, and seems to find nothing wrong with that. I hope his Church will have a big rap session with him about values. Unreal, beyond belief. Why can't the Moore's sue Price for malicious intent regarding his idiotic suit? They should be allowed to but again our crazy NC SLAPP laws. Our legislature needs to end this type of lawsuit, or at least end the part of law making defendants pay their own legal fees. Contingency is needed. And Price definitely needs to go from our school board. Leaders, take action. We are now watching you. Do the right thing or don't claim Christianity, nor attend church. Cause Christian t'aint you, unless you do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Long live Richard Moore he is a class act, R. Price is a no good asshole and need's to resign from the school board. What kind of an example doe's he set for the youth that he is to make decision's for? Also the N.C. legislator"s need to get off their ass's and change the law's that alow people like R.P. to carry on this form of harrasment,But most of them are Lawyers so it benefits them to file bogus suits like Asshole did to the Moore's Now again do the right thing and get the Hell off the School Board!!!!

Anonymous said...

Surely there is at least one person who is going to chime in to say the Moores got what they deserved for calling Ron Price a thief.

Anonymous said...

If there is a single person that believes Ron Price is a good person for all the stupid shit that he doe's, Well they have to be a bigger Crookes Assholr than that thieving Dickhead is.What the Moore's deserve is justice for that piece of shit lawsuit that that thief brought on them. Has that Asshole any shame? I think not or he would get the hell out of the area.

Anonymous said...

Ron price is a Pussy that need's his sorry ass kicked!!

Anonymous said...

The person that said that the Moores got what they deserved,well they must be pretty stupid because The moores did not admit to larceny R P did so the Moores should get an award for exposing a Thief. Anyone that makes a dumb comment like that must not have any common sense.A thief is a Thief. What the hell is so hard to understand The thief openly admitted to a theft . Now get real people and get his Ass off the School Board!!