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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Various CLOVERFIELD items: sequel talk, demand for Giacchino's overture, suggesting a video game ... and the first VERY good image of the creature!

Few things about Cloverfield, the breakout hit monster movie that came out this weekend (here's my earlier review)...

- Cloverfield's success already has director Matt Reeves discussing the sequel, which he suggests might take place on the same night as the attack, but showing a different story with other people's cameras, cellphones, etc.

- I'm seeing a lot of demand for "Roar! (Cloverfield Overture)", the orchestral track by Michael Giacchino (the composer for Lost) that plays over the end credits. It would be great if Paramount and Bad Robot could release this via iTunes or some other online distribution, because it would sell (and I would be one of those buying a download).

- If it's not in the works already, I would like to heartily recommend to The Powers That Be that as Cloverfield represents one of the best launches of a fictional franchise in recent memory, that a more interactive experience is in order. Namely, a Cloverfield video game. Instead of reiterating the story of Rob and his friends, it could be an entirely separate story that parallels that of the movie. Such a game would put the player in the position of someone else who was in New York City on the night of the attack. I imagine that the graphics capabilities of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 would make such a quite a stunning success. And as for the Wii... can you imagine swinging the Wiimote like an axe at those smaller creatures? :-)

- Finally (for now), for everyone who has been looking like crazy online for a really great picture of the Cloverfield monster, talented artist Carman MacDonald easily has rendered the most definitive image yet of the beast. Having seen Cloverfield twice now, I have to say: this one nails the look of the thing extremely well.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I contribute to the Despoiler Cloverfield wiki (http://cloverfield.despoiler.org) and was wondering how to contact the artist to ask for permission to post the artwork at the Wiki site. Would you know how to contact her? Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not a her but i'm on facebook