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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

So, why do many Christians still support George W. Bush?

I finally heard the answer to that a few days ago, from a friend who left a church where it sounds like this was almost official policy.

George W. Bush, most Christians at this church earnestly believed, is going to be used by God to start off the End Times.

My friend was absolutely serious about that.

When we were told that, my jaw came almost completely unhinged from the roof of my mouth.

It does make sense though: a lot of Christians who have become deluded about how they think the Apocalypse must happen, would be foolish enough to do whatever they thought was "necessary" to "help" God bring it on.

It makes sense. It makes absolutely perfect sense. All these years of trying to warn my fellow believers about this evil man in the White House and all the harm that he's done this country. And when you try to tell them, it's like they "tune out" and look away and go into this state of willful ignorance and shut you out completely. Why do they do that? Because trying to tell them the truth impinges too much on their fantasies about the end of the world.

I have little doubt that a lot of Christians, however sincere they might be in their faith, have been greatly deceived. The fact that they would even begin to believe that Bush is going to help inaugurate their easy way to Heaven, is absolutely mind-boggling.

Just more indication about how screwed-up things are around us, when even a lot of Christianity has gone pure loco.

Yeah, as you can probably tell from some of my posts lately, I'm more than a little bitter about some things. I'm finally realizing how full of crap most things are in this world. That fellow Christians would hold to this insanity, does not help to increase my faith in them the least bit.


Anonymous said...

The impending Tribulation Period and the AntiChrist don't need any help from Bush or his administration. In fact, I'm persuaded to say that they would want him as far away from their diabolical government as humanly possible. Or inhumanly possible. As long as he was far, far away. And silent.

*listens for trumpet*

Anonymous said...

Well said Christopher. Neither the problem nor the solution is political. Christ Himself is the only answer for this world and it is this world's rejection of Him that brings about the wrath of the Lamb (at least according to the book of Revelation). Since He is the one who has paid the price for our sins, then He alone is justified in judging those who reject His offer of forgiveness.

As a Christian I try to simply live for Christ everyday and long for His return. I don't bash people with my faith and I don't look to any political solution to our problems (I am actually a Constitutional Monarchist who would not have participated in the rebellion of the American colonies if I lived at that time, so I don't really fit in very well with Christians who want to "take over the governments of this world for Christ".)

Anonymous said...

If Christ were alive today, he would be called unpatriotic, a radical, a nutjob, and worst of all, a liberal (When in fact he would not be) He would be crucified by the media and his own church.