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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Steve Jablonsky's TRANSFORMERS score is being used for the Super Bowl!

If you're watching Super Bowl XLII on Fox right now, you might have noticed that they're making lots of use of Steve Jablonsky's awesome Transformers score. I just caught them playing "Autobots" in the minutes leading up to the kickoff, in a spot featuring Troy Aikman. And earlier they were using some of the music from the final fight in a video spot with the Patriots and Giants introducing themselves. Very, very cool. Way to go Steve!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris. If you happen to find any clips on youtube or anything that shows the music with the game, would you please post it? I didn't get a chance to see the game. Thanks. Crystal

Anonymous said...

Hey! Yeah, I was watching with my friend, and we were talking when all of a sudden my ears perked up and I was like, "WAIT! This is 'Autobots'!!! From Transformers!!!"

She laughed at me and called me obsessed.