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Friday, February 01, 2008

Those insane courses on Wii Sports: Golf

This afternoon Dad came by. It's been raining here for most of the day, and it was pretty chilly out in his knife shop and he'd wanted to take a break from his work, and I needed one from some projects too. So we played a nine-hole round of Golf on Wii Sports on the Nintendo Wii that I got Lisa for Christmas.

How did we do?

Let's put it this way: if Robert Trent Jones ever designed a golf course as evil as the ones on Wii Sports: Golf, he would have probably been dragged out onto the fairway and shot.

We were doing pretty good until the ninth hole. If you've played Golf on Wii Sports you probably know which one I'm about to talk about: it's that one where the hole is in the middle of a rocky island, that you have to drive the ball onto. Dad and I both tried our darndest to get it onto the green... but it's impossible! The ball either goes into the water, or it ricochets off the cliff-side and then goes into the water. By the time each of us had hit +12 on the hole the game told us to "Give Up".

Somewhere at Nintendo Headquarters in Japan, some smart-alecy game programmer is no doubt laughing at his supposed cleverness for creating the golfing equivalent of the Kobayashi Maru "no-win" scenario.

Okay so anyone else who has this game: how the heck do we get the ball over the water and onto that tiny island??


Anonymous said...

"By the time each of us had hit +12 on the hole the game told us to "Give Up"."

Now thats FUNNY!!!!!!!! :-)

Imagine playing, badly, a video war game (like Call of Duty), only to be told by the game: "Why dont you just wave the white flag and surrender to the enemy already?"

Eric Wilson said...

I may have to pull that game out again, but I thought there was an island to the left. I remember laying up on that left island then having a closer shot to the green... If I'm not mistaken, that was a par 5, so you have 3 strokes to get to the green, before 2 putting... Perhaps it was par 4 (2 strokes + 2 putt) Good luck!

Unknown said...

The trick is the wind. If it is R2L or behind you, put it on the island on the left and hit an iron onto the green. Always land short because the ball always seems to run on this shot. I've made a couple of eagles, and lots of birdies.

If wind is bad, go to island on the right and hit driver into the green, always trying to land short. It won't run off the back. Mostly I make pars this way.