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Friday, March 21, 2008

Cheney sez: I don't care what Americans think

No doubt that a lot of the so-called "neoconservatives" will thump their chests and howl and gloat about how "their guy" Dick Cheney is thumbing his nose at those who have been opposed to his little war in Iraq.

And then there are those of us who watch this video, and we are saddened at the downward spiral that America has taken, when people like the Vice-President of the United States (and the President, remember he called himself "the Decider") can openly boast about how they enjoy the feeling of not being held accountable by anyone.

Here it is folks: your Vice-President doesn't give a damn what you think about how he and Bush are wasting American lives and resources...

The lesser angels of my nature would like to suggest that someday, Dick Cheney might be found face-down in a gutter bleeding to death and crying for help. One guy could walk past him. And that dude will look at Cheney, someone in need of dire medical assistance, then he'll shrug his shoulders and say "so?" and he'll keep on going his way, leaving Cheney to die begging for sympathy.

It would make for a great episode of The Twilight Zone. Except for a morality tale to be effective, its audience must possess a soul. Something that I don't know if Cheney and Bush and their kind ever had to begin with.


Unknown said...

Hi, Chris

How art thou? :-D

He seems to think that the public poll is fluctuating & does not see credibility in the process; well, at least not for the short term.

Hence, I reckon we can plainly deduct that US military presence in Iraq & other problematic areas are not going to be any less operational any when soon.