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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Homeland Security nabs radioactive cat on I-5 in Seattle

This story gives whole new meaning to the term "hot pussy".

(And with that, Chris goes into hiding for using the worst pun ever ...)


Anonymous said...

Bad, Chris. That was BAD!

But it was funny too (=

Anonymous said...

I'm now marking this site off of my list of "safe for the entire family" sites.

Sorry dude...you say, you pay

Chris Knight said...

Aww c'mon... that was *tame* humor!

Anyone who's watched British sitcoms on PBS will know that what I said was NOWHERE near as raunchy as a lot of the stuff that's said on those shows :-)

Well, it's true: ANYTHING that's radioactive is deemed to be "hot". And in this case it was a cat.

That joke was SCREAMING to be done! :-)

Abas KS said...

Hi, Chris

How are things?

What is the "hot pussy" that of you speak? :-|

I really thought it was a radioactive cat! Someone must really love the cat to have it undergo radioactive cancer treatment.


Anonymous said...

C'mon people...grow up!

If I had a quarter for every time I've heard Mrs. Slocombe talk about her pussy (cat) on "Are you being served?" on PUBLIC TELEVISION - I would be able to buy a full tank of gas.

Keep it up Chris!

PS - I had an aunt that always called her cats, pussies, and we all thought it was hilarious!