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Monday, March 24, 2008

Homeland Security wants to put a taser bracelet on you

So far as I can tell this is not a joke! Here is the website for Lamperd, and it includes this video.

So the government now wants to put an "EMD Bracelet" on all airline passengers, and this bracelet would allow the Homeland Security bastitches to shock someone like a taser.

Here's the video...

They really are getting bold about bringing us a police state, aren't they? How long would it be before "The Powers That Be" started insisting that everyone wear one of these things, "for the public good"?

I think that anyone who seriously believes in mandating this thing, should have an EMD Bracelet wrapped firmly around their circular reproductive units and rendered the maximum level of electric shock continuously for not less than 24 hours.


Abas KS said...

Hi, Chris

How's stuff?

Last line of defense: EMD security bracelets. Hhmm..OOpps, I pressed the wrong button & an innocent passenger becomes fried silly! :-O


Chris Knight said...


This thing is going to lead to soooo many lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of one of the (allegory based) Star Trek shows where collars were on everyone on the planet to keep them indoctrinated and politically-correct, shocking them if necessary. So in order to be "free" to travel Americans will have to submit to total slavery! When will everyone wake up and challenge the growing Security State?

Anonymous said...

Remember the movie FX. The guy wore prosthetics that made it seem he had no pulse. The same could be done to insulate your wrist from the shock of these stupid devices. So any real terrorist will still be able to circumvent the measure, but innocent passengers will submit to electric shocks for the privilege of flying.