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Thursday, March 27, 2008

IRON CHEF: Paul Prudhomme keeps cooking after hit by gunfire

Chef extraordinaire Paul Prudhomme - from whom millions of people have learned that there's more to Cajun cookin' than just having a bottle of red pepper handy and who has sometimes been blamed for the near-extinction of the redfish - was hit by a stray bullet while preparing food on a golf course near New Orleans during a PGA event two days ago.

Prudhomme felt a sting on his right arm above the elbow and thought he had been stung by a bee.

Turned out that he had been grazed by a .22 caliber bullet.

So what did Prudhomme do? He kept on cooking! Minutes later he was back in action and served up some tasty cuisine for the golfers, caddies and guests at the Zurich Classic.

Doesn't surprise me at all. Having known some, I can attest that them Cajuns are a good and hardy folk. Glad to hear that Prudhomme is okay, and is back to making more tasty gumbo!


Geoff Gentry (aka xforce11) said...

http://www.spike.com/starwars/ this should make all Star Wars fans happy.

Chris Knight said...

That might be the greatest Star Wars trailer in the history of anything! :-)