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Monday, March 31, 2008

Michael Giacchino talks about release of "Roar!" overture from CLOVERFIELD

Not long after Cloverfield came out in January (read my review here) this blog received word from a reliable source (and still a reliable one in spite of things) that Michael Giacchino's "Roar!", the one bit of original music score for that movie, was going to be release "soon". Obviously this did not happen and we are still waiting for it.

Well today Ain't It Cool News is pointing everyone to a video at Film Score Monthly Online wherein Giacchino addresses the high demand for "Roar!" and the problems that have come with it. Nobody foresaw that a single piece of music like this would become so sought-after, Giacchino says. He also adds that the complete track is 13 minutes long and that when (not "if" but "when") "Roar!" comes out it will be the full piece.

So sounds like it's coming after all, just that they've had some legal stuff to sort through first. My bet is we'll see it on iTunes around the same time that Cloverfield comes out on DVD in a few weeks.