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Monday, March 17, 2008

No love lost between Duke and UNC on Facebook

CBS Sports has an Official NCAA Basketball Tournament Brackets application on Facebook and among other things it lets you rank who your favorite teams are... along with who you loathe the most.

I thought the current standings were pretty funny:

Right now the Tarheels of UNC-Chapel Hill are the top favorite team, followed by the Duke Blue Devils. But in the Despised category, Duke is by far the most hated followed by Carolina, and UNC has almost as many votes as it does in the Favorite chart. Hmmmm...

This might be the most scientific indicator yet of how intense the feud is between Duke and Carolina. Even though it's a routine part of life here in North Carolina, I must admit it's still quite neat to see it reflected in this way.

Oh yeah: GO DUKE!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Boo! BOO!

GO UNC! Tarheels all the way in '08!

Chris Knight said...

"GO UNC! Tarheels all the way in '08!"


I have the IP address logged from your visit, buddy.

All I have to do is post the details, and the Cameron Crazies will do stuff to you that will have you begging for Gitmo :-P