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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Fred Reed exposes hypocrisy regarding illegals

In his latest column, Fred Reed mocks the American government's schizo policy toward illegal immigration, in his own perverse style...
To grasp American immigration policy, to the extent that it can be grasped, one need only remember that the United States forbids smoking while subsidizing tobacco growers.

We say to impoverished Mexicans, "See this river? Don't cross it. If you do, we'll give you good jobs, a drivers license, citizenship for your kids born here and eventually for you, school for said kids, public assistance, governmental documents in Spanish for your convenience, and a much better future. There is no penalty for getting caught. Now, don't cross this river, hear?"

How smart is that? We're baiting them. It's like putting out a salt lick and then complaining when deer come. As parents, the immigrants would be irresponsible not to cross.

There's way more at the above link for you to read and enjoy.


Abas KS said...

Hi, Chris

Hows it going?

The way some Mexican folks come over to the US; it seems like its more humane to have no border between Mexico. Have you watched the film "Trade"? It's a frying pan desert!