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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's 5:18 p.m. EST on April 15th ...

Have you finished your annual tribute to the Almighty Government yet, fellow serf?

The income tax is at once the most evil and the most accepted form of slavery of modern times. Has anyone ever stopped to think about how much free time that the federal government demands of us, that could otherwise be used productively, as we the people see fit?

Instead we try to earn more to get things that we don't really need, and to pay more and more taxes to a government that can't cut its own wasteful spending.

Why the Hell should my money go to subsidize an illegal alien's welfare, or that of some unwed kid who gets pregnant multiple times without bothering to find a job to support them on her own? I'm trying to make my own destiny, dammit... and not I or anyone else can be free to do that with these damned leeches sucking off the sweat of our own labor.

America will not be a prosperous country again until we have eliminated the income tax, utterly destroyed the Internal Revenue Service, and reign-in our wasteful expenditures. That, and finally free individuals to live the lives they want to live, without expecting that they somehow "owe" this government for the right to pursue their own happiness.

That's partly why I'm not voting for any of the "front runners" for President. Because none of them possess the wisdom to understand any of this.