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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jock Ewing for President

I've no idea how I found this, but it's too danged funny not to share.

The really scary thing is, this guy does sound like Jock Ewing!

He's got my vote. After 7 years with the illegitimate son of Digger Barnes in the White House, America needs a Ewing!


Anonymous said...

Dallas was the best nighttime soap ever. Except for the dream season.

Anonymous said...

Jock Ewing would probably nuke iraq and iran and anyone else that opposes us.

Chris Knight said...

Yeah, that was probably one of the most ridiculous moments in television history. You could practically hear the groaning across the country that night in 1986 when Pam found out that the entire previous season had been "just a dream". No story should insult the intelligence of the reader/viewer and that's just what the Dallas writers did. I don't think the show ever fully recovered after that. But if you can ignore that one insanely bad mistake, Dallas remains one of the most compelling TV dramas of all time.

I think my favorite character from that show, for a number of reasons, was Miss Ellie. Hard not to admire a woman who keeps a family like that from completely imploding.

Chris Knight said...

Nah, Jock would *never* nuke Iraq or Iran or anyone else. Even for a hardcase, he would have been much more clever than to use brute force.

Jock Ewing tells JR about "the art of subtlety"

Anonymous said...

Alive or dead Jock Ewing the tv character is ten times the man George W. Bush is.