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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The photo that may scare you from ever again buying Chinese-made products

Every politician, corporate executive, and management-type in America who believes that globalism is "a good thing" and that there's nothing wrong with outsourcing our jobs to China, had better take a damned good hard long look at this photograph...

This is what passes as a high-grade pharmaceutical plant in the village of Xinwangzhuang, in the Juangsu Province of China. The guy is harvesting the mucous membranes from the intestines of dead pigs.

The tissue is then processed to make heparin: a drug widely-used in surgery and kidney dialysis here in the United States and elsewhere.

There have now been 19 deaths and numerous allergic reactions reported because of the drug.

I defy anyone to look at that photo, and still tell me that China is a responsible trading partner or that it's "sound policy" to entrust it with so much industry that we could be doing far better at home.

Oh yeah, it's "cheaper" to outsource it. Remember that, Mr. Free-Trade Politician, the next time you're having surgery while getting drugs pumped into you that were made in a "lab" filthier than the average gas station restroom.

The New York Times has plenty more about this on their website, if you can stomach such a story.


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