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Monday, May 26, 2008

CHILDREN OF EDEN Update: 25 Days to Opening Night

"Now uss dee time undt Schprockets ven ve dantz!"

Okay who can tell me where that's from? Still can't believe that I thought of it Sunday afternoon.

So yesterday we started doing choreography for two of the biggest numbers from the Theatre Guild of Rockingham County's production of Children of Eden: "Generations" and "Ain't It Good". Singing the songs? No problem, 'cuz like I've mentioned before after frequent listening to the soundtrack for almost a decade now, that's easy...

...but dancing is a whole 'nother thing.

Stephen Hale, who's playing Adam in our production, is also our choreographer. He's mapped out some terrific routines for these songs. They're also a bit complex, especially "Generations", which requires everyone radically changing positions on stage no less than three times. I'm thinking of bringing a video camera for next time we do this so that I can study it later (and possibly making a privately-available YouTube video only for those involved in the production to be able to look at, if they need to). But given the work and commitment that everyone is giving this, I think the effect is going to be pretty amazing when showtime comes. The other piece we worked on yesterday, "Ain't It Good", is going to be nothing short of ecstatic: a well-executed gospel-style number that's only going to be missing people doing backflips across stage (except it's not a big enough stage).

I have tomorrow night off, 'cuz that's being devoted to working with everyone playing the Snake (and word is that it involves something very clever, that I don't think I've seen before after watching Children of Eden a number of times over the years). Then it's back to practice from Tuesday through Thursday night. Yeah, I'm gonna miss some of the Lost season finale, but since we're DVRing it I should be able to catch up in real time quickly when I get back. But the play is the thing... and that is how we are playing! :-)