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Monday, May 05, 2008

CHILDREN OF EDEN Update: 46 Days to Opening Night

It was a week ago tonight that I found out that my longtime dream of being in a production of Children of Eden was about to really happen. The cast came together for the first time a few nights later. We've now had three nights of practice and in that time we've done work on many of the major songs from the show ("Let There Be", "The Naming" and a few others).

One thing about Children of Eden that makes this an interesting production is that a lot of the melodies repeat, with a number of reprisals in Act II especially. This is well in keeping with the overarching theme of Children of Eden's story: that each new generation often faces the same ordeals as the one that sired it. But also, that every generation - and the individuals that make it up - has a choice, and it's up to each person to find his or her destiny. That's what I've thought of most as we've practiced the show's final song, "In The Beginning".

This is fast shaping up to be quite a terrific production! Already it feels like the cast is becoming a family in its own right... which is fitting, given the nature of Children of Eden.

I won't be able to practice tomorrow night ('cuz I'll be doing other duties in the capacity of treasurer for Eric H. Smith's campaign for North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction) and I'm gonna certainly miss it. But Wednesday night we're going to start work on my most favorite song from the entire show... and I can't wait!! :-)