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Thursday, May 15, 2008

LOST: Two minutes after "There's No Place Like Home" Part 1

One of the most intense episodes ever, even though there wasn't much hard action.

The final moments of "There's No Place Like Home" Part 1 made it clear though: watching Locke and Ben and Hurley at the Orchid, the discovery at the freighter, Kate and Sawyer being marched through the jungle at gunpoint by Richard and the Others, all set to Michael Giacchino's beautiful score...

To borrow the title of a chapter from A Tale of Two Cities, they are being drawn to the lodestone rock. Everything is in place, and the final moves are being made. Things are in motion that cannot be made to stop.

In two weeks it all converges together. And there is going to be one helluva conflagration when it does.

I seriously teared-up watching Hurley introduce Sayid to his parents. And then Sayid's joyful reunion with his beloved and long-lost Nadia. The scene where Sun confronts her father: like Lisa said, "You go girl!" Sun definitely grew in her time on the Island. And then there was the memorial service for Christian Shephard, where Jack finally discovers something that we the viewers have known since last season...

So much to absorb. I'm probably going to watch it again off the DVR before hitting the sack.

I'll say it again: Lost might be the greatest work of fiction to ever grace the television medium. This one episode was rife with everything that makes it work so perfectly. And the two-hour conclusion in two weeks already promises to be epic.

Heck, we might have to throw a party here for it! Anyone wanna come? I'll have plenty of DHARMA food to munch on :-)