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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Harry Knowles is madly in love with it. Roger Ebert has given it 3 and 1/2 stars. And when it was premiered at Cannes Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull received a three-minute standing ovation.

I'm finally beginning to let myself believe that after a decade and a half of crazy rumors and false-starts, that this week we are going to see an Indiana Jones movie... and one that stands as tall as any of them.

I'm currently debating whether to catch it at the midnight showing on Wednesday night, or wait 'til Friday at the earliest to see it with Dad and Lisa. If I see the midnight premiere, I get to post a review of it all the sooner for this blog. But if I wait a few days, I get to enjoy it for the first time with my father (with whom I've watched every Indiana Jones movie in a theater) and my wife. Right now I'm leaning toward waiting, and discover it fresh with some of the people closest to me... 'cuz a memory like that is worth much more than filing an earlier report, right?


Unknown said...

If I were you I would wait until Friday and see it with your wife and father. It will be better with those that you love. Besides hopefully you will be less likely to have an experience like the lady that commented on Narnia. Disruptive teenagers out of college and all that. I had a great deal of luck going midday on Friday to see Narnia. A lot less people at the theatre then after work time. Did you happen to get the special edition DVDs? If so do you think they are worth the money?

Chris Knight said...

I still have the DVDs that came out a few years ago. Didn't see any need to fork over money for something that I already possess. And I haven't really heard that these new ones are any better than the original release. Some DVDs I've no problem with buying a newer version (like the Blade Runner one that I got for Christmas: the edition that comes in the nice plastic "briefcase" :-) because the DVD quality was RADICALLY improved upon. But no one's convinced me yet that the new Indiana Jones ones are superior at all to the previous release.

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris. (and his readers)

This is the first time i post a comment on your blog.
I just wanted to share my impressions about this last Indiana Jones.(don't worry: NO SPOILERS)
I'm french and here, the fourth adventure of indy has been released today (wednesday). i just come back from the theatre and well i must admit i'm disapointed. Sure indy's character is back and the spirit of the franchise along with him. The thing that disapointed me the most was John William's score. I'm a huuge fan of John Williams and movie scores. For me the score is very important (maybe 50% in the movie). in this film all you find are some references to the themes from the other films. Besides there are no theme for the crystall skull. I was expecting a theme like the one for the ark of the covenant in raiders. after that there is indy's humor, action and everything that makes an indy movie but... it misses something to make it a great Indiana Jones movie.too bad.
I will be happy to read your review as soon as you will have posted it.

p.s: i like your blog, I recognize a lot of myself in your posts eventhough i'm younger than you (20 years old).

Anonymous said...

i keep imagining Cate Blanchett speaking English with a German accent in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull even though she's supposed to be Russian