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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Six minutes after the LOST Season 4 finale...

From the moment that Kate mentioned "Jeremy Bentham" I was screaming during this episode.

(Did that one get called last year, or what? :-)

"There's No Place Like Home" did something that I never thought possible: it was an even more intense season finale than "Through the Looking Glass" was last year.

Just... wow. Think I'm gonna need a drink after that one.

Most jaw-dropping scene of the entire television season has got to be the Island moving. Anyone else see that and think they were watching a Halo movie for a second there?

Was great to see Walt again. The producers planned that out very well and I'm hoping we'll see more of Malcolm David Kelley now that puberty has run its course. The reunion between Desmond and Penny: now that was something that I didn't see coming, not this soon anyway. I was darn certain they would save that for the series finale two years from now. And folks, we were crying when they finally got back together. On one level I'm glad they've found each other again but on another level, I can't help but dread what else might be coming down the pike toward them.

I don't think we've seen the last of Jin and Michael. Not with Christian's very odd appearance just before the freighter exploded.

And I don't think that Locke is necessarily dead, either. Why? Go back and watch the stuff in the Orchid, and especially the "preview" of the Orchid's orientation film that the Lost producers released last summer.

Okay, my mind is officially blown for the next several days. I gotta watch that quite a few more times before it can sink in.

And if you thought the wait after last year's finale was painful, the next eight months will be sheer agony...

Have said it before: Lost is the best show on television right now. After "There's No Place Like Home", it might have secured itself as the greatest show ever.

Going off to replay it from the DVR now :-)

EDIT 11:30 p.m. EST: They need to release the soundtrack for Season 4 as quickly as possible! This was some of Michael Giacchino's best work to date. I would buy this CD just for the music from the scene where Ben is turning the wheel: what a beautiful reprise of "Dharmacide"/Ben's theme!


Anonymous said...

I waited over a year for the last season of Battlestar Galactica and have been waiting almost as long (it seems) for Heroes which isn't coming back until September. These next eight months give me plenty of time to refresh and rehash some theories.

Anonymous said...

And did you see the ad for "Octagon Global Recruiting" ... http://octagonglobalrecruiting.com

Anonymous said...

"We're going to have to bring him too." I hope they have a refrigerator handy.

Chris Knight said...

The Octagon Recruiting thing looks like it ties into Comic Con. The dates on the website are those for this year's convention, and it's in San Diego. So sounds like the Lost producers are letting it be known that they're going to unload some more goodies then :-)

Chris Knight said...

BTW, someone has found out that the phone call that Kate gets in the middle of the night, if played backwards, is Sawyer's voice and he's saying "The Island needs you. You have to go back before it's too late."