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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Johnny Robertson sez: "We are here to DESTROY you" (plus: why this blog can't take this loon seriously anymore)

The Lord works in mysterious ways...

I'm content to believe that the strange drama of what has gone on between Yours Truly and Johnny Robertson of "Martinsville Church of Christ" - part of what I call the "Church Of Christ In Name Only" - has finally drawn to a close. It came with this brazen admission by Robertson on the Answering the Church of Christ blog...

"we are here to defeat destroy you and uplift truth"

- Johnny Robertson, June 11, 2008

Johnny Robertson, supposed preacher and "Church of Christ" television broadcaster, has said that it is the mission of he and his followers "to defeat (and) destroy you".

I don't have to say anything else or make another video, folks. Robertson has shot himself not in the foot but straight in the chest with this statement.

No doubt that the effort I went through in order to ask Robertson a simple question, about "How is what you are doing showing the love of Christ?", has been wasted. Or maybe not. Because this is how Johnny Robertson of the Martinsville Church of Christ shows love of Christ for others: by actively trying to "destroy" them.

Didn't Charles Manson preach the same thing to his "Family"?

And now, I must apologize to the readers of The Knight Shift, that I spent even one moment concerned with this loon. Because so far as I'm concerned, Johnny Robertson had already demonstrated his lack of credibility even before he said that it was his Christ-ordained mandate to "destroy" his enemies. It happened here, when he referenced someone who is apparently a member of a legitimate Church of Christ...

"Corey does not represent the church of Christ ya'll he is a liberal"
Longtime readers of this blog will know what that means and just how bad Robertson has screwed-up here.

And now I cannot believe that I made such a business out of this guy. Because now I have to wonder if he is really an "evil" person after all.

Instead, Johnny Robertson is just... a blithering idiot!

And sad to say, I'm not sorry for having to observe that, either.

"He is a liberal"? Is that the best you can come up with?!


Folks, seriously, I am now regretting that I spent any time at all countering this, God forgive me for saying it, poor lost soul.

"Liberal"? That word, along with "conservative", has been used so bloody often that it's completely lost all meaning!

If you've ever read my blog, you already know that this is a long-standing belief of mine. A person can have "conservative" or "liberal" leanings on issues. But to blanketly damn a person as a "liberal" or a "conservative" is symptomatic of a very petty, shallow, spiteful mind.

And thats all Robertson really has, isn't it?

Oh yeah, he knows the words of the Bible. But he doesn't know the meaning and spirit of the Bible and now I have to wonder if he possibly can know that at all!

I'm sorry folks. You see, Johnny Robertson, he puts on a good show of it. But he's not really evil. He just can't see the world with anything other than the mentality of professional wrestling.

The moment he described someone as a "liberal", I knew: Johnny Robertson was not an important man at all. Certainly not worth having a theological battle with.

This is too good. This makes my day! This is, very much, a gift from God.

(And yes, I do admit that the lesser angels of my nature are rather mirthful at the moment. But I like to think that God has sufficient grace to forgive me for that :-P)

Oh well, at least I got to make good on my promise to the cast and crew to show Schrodinger's Bedroom on broadcast television. And word has reached me that at least one other well-known person is "furious" that I didn't provide the show that had been expected on Sunday night.

Johnny Robertson, you're not worth another moment of my time. With one word, you demonstrated that.

I would even say that it's a waste of time for anyone to be concerned about Robertson and James Oldfield and Norm Fields any more. It really is the spiritual equivalent of wrestling with a pig: you only get dirty and the pig likes it.

And that's all Robertson, Oldfield and Fields really are, aren't they? They are spiritual pigs.

Johnny Robertson, ladies and gentlemen: All hat and no cattle. On a mission from God to "defeat destroy you".

I'm wondering what kind of Photoshop fun I can work with this...


Anonymous said...

Proverbs 4:19. The way of the wicked is as darkness: they know not at what they stumble.

Anonymous said...

Used an old Jedi mind trick? ;) Now get back to posting on things that matter like politics, Doctor Who, Star Wars, turkey recipes. Love that you're into TMBG music!

Anonymous said...

Disappointed in you again Chris. I expected some Photoshopped work from you by now. Since you're a Doctor Who fan how about turning Robertson into Davros.

Anonymous said...

The most hateful thing about those three idiots is the way they stand during their shows and look into the camera as a video is playing. James Oldfield looks like a coldhearted monster. I swear he looks like the kind of person who would kill you if you looked at him the wrong way.

Ricky said...

The preachers from the church of christ love to blast denomations. They have the 1,000 dollar challenge to find denomation in the bible. They try to find a verse in the bible for everything wrong any church that is not theres is doing and if you find a verse that supports what your church does or does not support what theirs does, they go to hooting and hollering and putting you on hold so they can read something else and ask "What does that mean" and change the subject and then pretty much say, see why we are right and you are wrong. The show should not be "What does the bible say" or "Bible Q N A" it should be "What We at The Church of Christ say is Wrong With Every Church Except Ours and Why Everybody That Does Not Go To Our Church is Going Straight To Hell" Heres one for their we are right and everybody else is wrong theory. A while back they used a scientist from NASA to say how old the earth is, to say that we were not around that long ago and did not come from apes. I think that that was good for most churches. So heres my point, they take what they think the bible says and tell every one what is wrong with there "denomation". Only problem is they DO NO know what the original bible says they go by the King James version, I do to and a whole lot more people do to. BUT, this is not the original bible they can not try to say that the King James version is 100% when they tell you what bible they use the last word they use "VERSION" tells you there is more than one. They always talk about how man does not come close to being perfect, by their own admission the bible con not be neither. I know it the inspired word that probably had no errors is the original manuscripts, but hundreds of years after God had shown these men what to write, people tried to translate them from their original laungauges Greek and Hebrew are two laungauges books say the manuscripts were in they talk about in translation the people translating it would write notes next to it and it would end up in translation. Are they suppose to be sent from god and know what the bible is suppose to say. The King James Version was first published in 1604 and their were 47 scholars from universities who translated it all were ordained priest except 1. The people who translated it were all members of the Church of England wich were supposedly Roman Catholic seems like since they translated it they should know their religion should we all be Catholic? It is also a fact that the books of the bible were all written at different times, and I think hundred of years between some books of the bible. Some books of the bible that I am sure you can find if you searched the internet were left out because of "no Significant importance" what did they say I wonder, does the church of christ know? The King James Version of the bible contains apocrypha wich means text printed as part of the bible despite their perceived status as being outside scripture. Do they know what the verses, they probably quote these verse as to why every church is wrong except theirs. I bet if you asked them the questions you can derive from all this they would say that they do not believe in what "man" writes even thought it is the same "man" that translated the bible, that they use to show every church how wrong they are.The translators were all Christian and scholars they had the same qualifaction for translation, as their scientist did for science and they said the words were lost and changed in the bible. So some one tell me who do they think they are when they have no idea what words were originally in the bible I still can not get over them blasting people for a word, oh yeah they can not say they do not care what other books say because they use other books to define words that are in the bible and words that are not. I wish someone would call in and ask them some of these questions I can hear there response "I Don't Care" thats true only people they care about is theirselves