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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

THE KNIGHT SHIFT: In Color! Live on WGSR this Sunday night

Yesterday afternoon WGSR Star 39 General Manager Charles Roark devoted the 4:30 "warm-up show" to what happened on Sunday night on the street in front of the station, when I gave Johnny Robertson of the "Church Of Christ In Name Only" the opportunity to debate me on live television. Since Robertson had already declared he was going to talk about me and this blog on his show anyway, and had strongly stated that I wouldn't debate him, I took him at his word and showed up at the station with my Bible and video camera and gave him the chance to take me on during a live broadcast. He refused, and he couldn't answer the questions I was asking him either.

Long story short: Charles Roark has offered me 25 minutes of free airtime this coming Sunday night at 8 p.m.

I'm taking him up on it.

All I'm prepared to say right now is that it won't be a live debate between myself and Johnny Robertson. He had that chance on Sunday night. Charles Roark is graciously letting me have this valuable time to present another perspective, and I'm going to use it as best that I can. Neither will it be an interview. I've something in mind and I'm sticking to it.

Besides, Robertson will have an hour and a half after I'm on the air all to himself, to do whatever he likes. I'm going to respect the time alloted to him as he will no doubt respect the time alloted to me.


Phil Hoover said...

Loving your blog.

You seem like a pretty neat fellow...

Wishing you the best on Sunday evening...

Chris Knight said...

Thanks Phil!

This place can be more than a little wacky at times. Kinda like me. But I like to think there's also a lot of serious stuff, too. I always try to keep it entertaining and thought-provoking :-)

BTW, I just checked out your blog and really enjoyed reading your stuff, dude! Will make a link to it when I finish overhauling this one :-)

Take care and God bless,

Brian (Nunchux) said...

I'm curious now... how did it go??