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Friday, June 13, 2008

The last, best thing I know to say about recent events

If certain people (who I have it on record are still constantly visiting this blog looking for... whatever) cannot watch this all the way through without the slightest twitch of conscience, then there is nothing more than I know to say. Because those people really will have had no soul. The main antagonist in the little drama of the past several days has already given us a glimpse into a very dark abyss, what with his proclaiming that it is his divine mission to "defeat (and) destroy" his fellow Christians.

Let me present to you now, if nothing else will convince, why it is that I have felt led to confront these people with the evil that they are doing.

From 1955, here is Good Will To Men.

My original idea was to use Peace on Earth. Good Will To Men is a remake of that, and was produced by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. The reason that I chose to use this one instead of the original is because I think the ultimate message of Good Will To Men is the more clearly stated...

"Love thy neighbor as thyself. On these words, depend the future."


Anonymous said...

Ha! Perfect! Genius too!

Anonymous said...

Nice video on your site. Unfortunately, it will not
matter any more to THEM than if you had put on a Britney Spears music video.

Hate to be cynical, but they will not get at all what you are trying to say -if they actually take the time to watch it. They'll just look at all of the "error" found in that video:

1) The mouse is playing an organ (BIG no-no)
2) They are celebrating Christmas (observing Christmas not authorized in the Bible)
3) They are singing Christmas carols (also not authorized in the Bible)
4) The owl is looking at the Old Testament, and we
not under the old law but the new law of Christ.

But, the Bible as a book or rules! Oh yes, if they
make it that far, that portion will really tickle their

Plus, they would take it as the ultimate challenge to
get everyone to believe EXACTLY as they do and be "unified" before that nightmare ending can come to pass.

I'll bet they're fun at parties! ;)

Chris Knight said...

"2) They are celebrating Christmas (observing Christmas not authorized in the Bible)"

Are you serious?! They don't celebrate Christmas at all?!

Do they consider celebrating Christmas to be a sin, too?

(I've a gut feeling that I know the answer already.)

That is NOT like any real Church of Christ that I've ever heard of. Heck, one of them that I wound up knowing fairly well even had a "hanging of the greens" to kick off the Christmas season.

('Course this same one said that the issue of baptism was one left to the individual believer, whether or not it was required for salvation, and we KNOW what "they" will say about THAT...)

I can't think of anything comparable to that kind of thinking, except of maybe someone being given a brand-new car, which will take them wherever they need to go, but they announce that it's "not a real car" purely on the basis that it's the "wrong" color.

By the way, "Good Will to Men" was the first cartoon that Hanna and Barbera made together that did NOT use their classic Tom and Jerry characters.

In many ways I think that "Peace on Earth", the 1939 original, is the better film. But I watched "Good Will to Men" when I was 6 years old, and it's haunted me ever since. Been waiting for the right time to use it here, and this was it.

Anonymous said...

Just like Mr. Answer said Johnny Robertson would never get the point. He's the kind of man who thinks the Shrek movies are satanic because it counterdict's the Bible's teaching that only one donkey ever talked.