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Thursday, June 05, 2008

YouTube adds Video Annotations feature

Yesterday YouTube rolled out a new feature called Video Annotations. It's a way to add interactive content to YouTube videos and after playing around with it some, I think this might be one of the best things that YouTube has done yet for its users. You can include commentary, add dialogue balloons, even link to other YouTube videos. Lots of possibilities here. During a break this morning I gave The Baritones the "Pop-Up Video" treatment...

I'm thinking, whenever I get the time, to include annotations for Forcery and Schrodinger's Bedroom as well. By the way, right now Video Annotations is a beta feature and doesn't support embedded videos (so you'll have to click on The Baritones link above to check it out). It's also automatically on by default, but you can toggle the feature with a new button that's to the right of the "full screen" one (it's the button that's pointing upward in the lower-right of the above pic).


AfterShock said...

Interesting feature for them to add. The only thing I don't like is some of the annotations go by so quick it is very hard to see exactly what they said. I found myself rewinding it to catch the parts I missed. :)

Chris Knight said...

The annotations are adjustable: you can make them last however long or short that you need them to be. The thing is, The Baritones is such a fast-paced video that there's not much time to really linger on the notes. But I just added them to the first part of Forcery and thankfully they are able to stick around MUCH longer :-)

You can also have multiple annotations on screen at once, if you need them.