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Thursday, July 24, 2008

And now they're remaking THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW

Things don't get much worse than this...

Variety is reporting that MTV is going to remake The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

What I find particularly funny about this is that The Rocky Horror Picture Show was released in the summer of 1975... and it's still playing in theaters! It's the longest running theatrical release in movie history. I know of a few cinemas within driving distance of here that are still showing it. So this would be the first remake of a movie that is still selling tickets at the box office.

This does not need to happen. Ever. The Rocky Horror Picture Show was one of those things that happens so rarely, it's the acme of vanity to try to recreate or recapture that kind of lightning. There was a showing at Elon my first year there. Everyone who came to watch it got into the whole "audience participation" thing, including toilet paper and water pistols. I heard there were butter stains on the walls from where people were throwing toast all over the place. And although I never saw it there, I've heard it plenty said that when the theater at the old Carolina Circle Mall ran The Rocky Horror Picture Show every Saturday at midnight, the place was packed and with lots of regulars coming in costume. How does something like that get "remade"? It would be like trying to remake The Beatles.

The only way this could possibly work is to get Joss Whedon to do it (based on what I've heard of his Dr. Horrible, which I still haven't seen 'cuz I was out of the country for the most part, he could probably pull it off). Maybe I would feel a smidgeon of curiosity about it. But otherwise, leave it alone. 'Cuz it's gonna be impossible to improve on something like this...


Anonymous said...

RHPS was never my cup of tea. I saw it once in high school and got confused on the items you were supposed to bring. I brought frozen pancakes. Nobody knew the difference.

Just looking at the picture, I could imagine Sasha Baron Cohen playing the guy in drag.

qemuel said...

AUGH! Does it ever stop?

You'd think that there were no original ideas left. What are they gonna rip off in 2030?

"We're gonna remake the remake of the remake..."


Anonymous said...

Honestly, at least they have Richard O'Brian directing it again. I trust him to make the right casting choices. How they're going to replace Tim Curry, I don't know, but Mr. O'Brian will never disappoint his fans ... and if you bring Shock Treatment into this, I'll be PISSED. He couldn't get the actors to portray themselves again, but that was the only reason that movie was horrible.