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Monday, July 21, 2008

Exactly two thousand, nine hundred and forty-five miles later...

Man oh man, I really need a laptop now, don't I?

Lisa and I arrived back home almost forty minutes ago. Already stuff is piled up on the plate that I'll have to address in the next few days. No rest for the wicked, eh? Next time, I'll try to blog some from the road too.

But right now, after a journey of epic proportions, I'm thankful for the adventure, for having a wonderful wife and best friend to share it with, and that God brought us back home. Fittingly, we crossed the border with Virginia right as James Taylor's "Carolina In My Mind" was playing on my iPod.

In the next few days, expect a number of write-ups and YouTube-hosted video about what happened, which entailed chasing down Amish farmers, animatronic cows, the longest road trip to a barbecue joint ever, snogging Ukrainians and Bollywood hopefuls, absolute horror at eighteen-hundred feet, watching The Dark Knight on opening day in another country, at least seven weddings in one afternoon, how we celebrated our anniversary, what can only be described as Providence near Providence, the Big Apple at night, breaking a bunch of laws on the Turnpike... and everything in between.

More soon.


qemuel said...

Sounds like you guys had a great trip! Looking forward to your posts.

Also, there is a very good reason that I haven't posted my Dark Knight review yet, which I will share with you soon...