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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Judge orders YouTube to surrender ALL user history to Viacom

A judge has ordered YouTube to hand over ALL the history of its users - including videos watched and IP addresses - to Viacom, as part of Viacom's "infringement" lawsuit against YouTube and its owner Google.

I first found the story on Slashdot, which is reflecting a lot of outrage at the judge's ruling.

Since it's already been established that Viacom has STOLEN video from ME, perhaps I should sue and have a judge also give me YouTube's user history so that I can see how many times Viacom watched my own videos...?


Anonymous said...

Man, I'd love for you to do that. If anything, I say go for it if you can. Viacom is fucked up.

Anonymous said...

This is so Fucked up... this obviously infringes, idk, the First Amendment?

Couple this with the Orphan Works act congress is working on (Which, if passed requires us to pay to copyright registries to protect our OWN material, if not Big Business can take your material claiming it is an Orphan Work, or a work w/o an owner) and we as the little guys are in deep trouble.

Please, sue :D