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Monday, July 14, 2008

Lobbyist admits getting access to Bush and officials for donations

Y'know, it's funny: I remember when Bill Clinton was President, and access to him and his staff was being "sold" in exchange for donations. It was some of the worst corruption of the highest office in the land, and a lot of us were right to have been angered by it.

So then here comes George W. Bush, and we were told that he would "clean house" and that this sort of thing would never happen in his "ethical" administration...

...only to find out that the Bush Administration is involved with the same thing. Long story short: if you donate enough to the George W. Bush Presidential Library, you get access to Dick Cheney and other Bush officials, and possibly even Bush himself.

This is the kind of thing that makes me believe that the only thing that makes the current White House administration more upstanding than the previous one, is that so far as we know George W. Bush has kept the Oval Office sink clean. But everything else is dirtier than it ever was under the Clintons!

That this is money for Bush's library affirms what I realized a long time ago: the politics of high office has nothing to do with serving the people and everything to do with "securing one's legacy". It seems that only the most narcissistic are drawn to positions like Senator and President, and the game is rigged too much in their favor: witness our current crop of "front runners".

This country isn't gonna get cleaned up until regular Americans (a) finally get wise to the con game the major parties and the mainstream press is pulling on 'em, and (b) become so honked-off that they toss these bastitches out of office hard on their asses and begin to take charge on their own. Hey, I've run for office before. It's not so hard to do :-)


Anonymous said...

Man like you discovered something new?